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Since 1999, Omni has delivered a portfolio of proven solutions for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Novell eDirectory and Novell GroupWise. Novell customers world-wide trust and rely on Omni's software in the areas of enterprise management and integration.

  1. CCUweb
  2. eControl
  3. EMU
  4. GWmerge
  5. Userful Multiplier
  1. Riva Integration Server
  2. Riva Managed Policies
  3. Riva Applications
  4. Riva Reports

Riva Integration Server for Exchange and GroupWise

Riva CRM Integration Deliver transparent, two-way synchronisation of appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes and address books between Exchange/Outlook, GroupWise and SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, info@hand and Salesforce. Integrate other third-party applications to Exchange and GroupWise.
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Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise

Riva Policies Riva Managed Policies allow administrators to dynamically create and automatically update information for GroupWise – managed calendars, address books, proxy access, rules, folders and more.
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Riva Applications for GroupWise

Riva Applications Enforce corporate signatures policies by using eDirection information in user GroupWise signatures with Riva Managed Signatures. Create Dynamic and Secure Distribution Lists for GroupWise that use external sources for distribution list membership.
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Riva Reports for GroupWise

Riva Reports Riva Reports provide quick and easy access to GroupWise report information that is not available using standard GroupWise administration tools or GWCheck. Reports include: User Archive Path, GroupWise Proxy, GroupWise Rules, Shared Address Books, Shared Calendars and more.
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eControl eControl is a fully-audited, web-based application that allows administrators to delegate user account management and provisioning tasks to help desk staff and junior administrators -- NO Rights required and NO access to iManager, ConsoleOne, MMC or Custom Task Pads.
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Enterprise Management Utility (EMU)

EMU Create, modify, manage, import, or delete thousands of eDirectory, NetMail or GroupWise users in a single session. Update extended schema values or eDirectory and GroupWise passwords, group membership, or distribution lists directly or using any existing delimited import file.
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CCUweb Automatically create online calendars based on GroupWise or Outlook calendar entries. Publish files directly to any Web server. Easily combine resources. Import entries back in to any desktop GroupWise or Outlook from a browser. Update calendars automatically.
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GWmerge Create individual customized emails by merging two text files using GWmerge. Use GroupWise to then send your messages immediately or with a delayed start. You can even attach files to each outgoing email making your mass mailing seem personalized.
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Userful Multiplier

Userful Multiplier Userful Multiplier allows up to 10 users to work at the same time on a single Linux desktop computer. Save up to 80% on your desktop deployment, management and maintenance costs. Ideal for computer labs, classrooms, libraries, Internet cafés and information kiosks. Runs on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Redhat, Fedora, Linspire, and other major Linux distributions. Multiply your Linux Desktop savings with Userful Multiplier!
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