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Exchange or GroupWise Integration for Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Exchange and GroupWise

Riva Integration Server delivers transparent, bi-directional, server-side integration for Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise AND Oracle CRM On Demand. End-users are not required to install or configure any client plug-ins.

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Server-side Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Exchange and GroupWise

Do you need to access your Oracle CRM On Demand address book and calendar data in Outlook or GroupWise?

Riva Integration Server from Omni satisfies the business need for salespeople and support staff to have full access to CRM calendar data (appointments, tasks, phone calls), address book information (accounts, contacts, leads) and other CRM-specific sales and support data (opportunities, cases and quotes) from ALL Outlook and GroupWise clients – Outlook, Outlook WebAccess, Microsoft Entourage for Mac, ActiveSync, BES, IMAP and all GroupWise clients.

Beyond Outlook and GroupWise CRM Plugins - Advanced CRM Integration

Customers who purchase Riva want to go beyond the client-side CRM plugin software for Outlook and Exchange – either because these plugins need to be installed on each user's desktop, laptop and mobile device or because the CRM plugins offer only basic integration capabilities.

Riva takes CRM integration for Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise to the next level. Riva gets installed once on the server. It provides transparent, bi-directional synchronization of business-critical sales and support data, allowing users to work in the application of their choice. Riva provides quick-and-easy access to view, edit and manage CRM opportunities, quotes and support cases directly from Outlook or GroupWise.

Users enter data once into their mail client or Oracle CRM On Demand and the data gets synchronized automatically between both systems at the server level. Users no longer need to manually cut and paste information from Outlook or Groupwise to Oracle CRM On Demand or vice versa. There are no Outlook plug-ins to install or support on any client.

Server-side Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Exchange and GroupWise

Server-side Exchange and CRM Integration for appointments, tasks, contacts, accounts, opportunities, quotes and cases

The First Multi-client, Cross-platform, Server-side CRM Integration Platform

Server-side Integration – Riva delivers server-side, transparent, enterprise-level integration and interoperability between Oracle CRM On Demand and Exchange or GroupWise. Install Riva once at the server level and create policies that control which users' accounts will be synchronized. Yes
Multi-platform Support – Riva synchronizes Oracle CRM On Demand calendar, address book and CRM data across all Exchange and GroupWise mail clients – Outlook, Outlook WebAccess, Microsoft Entourage for Mac, ActiveSync, BES, IMAP and all GroupWise clients. Yes
Core CRM Integration – Synchronize Oracle CRM On Demand calendar items (appointments, phone calls, tasks, notes) and address books (contacts, leads, accounts) to Exchange or GroupWise. The synchronization is transparent to end users and occurs on scheduled intervals. Yes
Advanced CRM Integration and Interoperability – Riva delivers advanced integration and interoperability capabilities for Oracle CRM On Demand and Exchange/Outlook and GroupWise. Riva allows users to quickly and easily archive email to Oracle CRM On Demand opportunities directly from their email client.

Use Riva SmartConvert Drop Folders to automatically convert an email into a CRM opportunity, quote, case or account. Riva synchronizes native CRM information to your mail client so you can sort and view your opportunities, cases and quotes directly from your email client.


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