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Personalise and customise your GroupWise emails with Email Merge! 

Send Customised Bulk Email using GroupWise Email Merge!

Current release 2.8

About GroupWise Email Merge

Need to send customised e-mails to users based on the contents of a web-based "request for information" or based on their customer-relationship-management database records?  GroupWise Email Merge allows users to send bulk personalized emails quickly and easily to multiple recipients.

GroupWise Email Merge is most useful in environments that need to send customised merged emails to users. GroupWise Email Merge is perfect to provide follow-up to requests for information or to send a personalised email to contacts based on CRM or other database information.

Whether you're a law firm, hospital, government department, school, college or university, GroupWise Email Merge allows you to personalise and customise your bulk email in a cinch!

Featured Highlights

  • Removes the need to import email addresses into the user address book
  • No copying and pasting required.
  • Six easy steps to follow
  • Easily personalize your corporate email send outs

Novell Cool Solutions

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