Omni Messenger for Novell GroupWise FAQ

Q: What limitations are there to the Omni Messenger client?
A: The Omni Messenger client is a light-wieght client designed for mobility. Features that will still require a desktop client include: add, modify or delete contacts or folders in the contact list, archive discussions, send an email message, change client options, change the password.
Q: How is Omni Messenger licensed?
A: Omni Messenger is licenced per device. Each licence file uses the device's ID to ensure uniqueness. You cannot use the licence for one device on a different device, therefore licences are non-transferrable.
Q: I want to retire one device and install Omni Messenger on the new device. Can I transfer the licence to the new device?
A: Please note that each Omni Messenger licence is a non-transferable, single device licence. New licences will not be issued in case of the purchase of a new device, loss or theft.
Q: Is Omni Messenger data secure?
A: Omni Messenger uses the same level of SSL encryption that is installed on your GroupWise Messenger server. Data is as secure with Omni Mobile as it is with all other GroupWise Messenger clients.
Q: Will Omni Messenger work with commercial data networks in addition to Wi-Fi?
A: Omni Messenger is compatible with all wireless communications protocols including: GPRS, GSM, CDMA/1XRTT, IDen, Bluetooth, WiFi 802.11 and Infrared,
Q: Are there any monthly fees or service charges?
A: There are no monthly fees or service charges for Omni Messenger. If you are using Omni Messenger with a wireless-enabled PDA or SmartPhone, you will require a data plan from your telephone service provider.
Q: What are the server requirements?
A: There are no Omni Messenger server components to install. The GroupWise Messenger Agent address and port must be available to communicate to Omni Messenger. This is the same requirement if you want laptop or desktop-based systems to access GroupWise Messenger from inside or outside your firewall. Users must have a GroupWise Messenger account and know their password to login.
Q: Is extra training required?
A: The Omni Messenger client looks and feels similar to the Windows, Macintosh and Linux GroupWise Messenger clients. If the user is proficient with their mobile device and has used the GroupWise Messenger client, they will be able to use Omni Messenger with no additional training. A user guide is available in .pdf format.
Q: What are the steps to enable SSL on the GroupWise Messenger server?
A: Refer to the following documentation: Establishing Messaging Security with SSL Encryption and
Generating a Certificate Signing Request and Private Key
  • Run [SOFTWARE DIST]\admin\utility\gwcsrgen.exe
  • Note: For step 10, use BASE64, and name the file msgr.b64
Q: What is "System error: Error during handshake: 80090308" when it appears on the device after I attempt to login to Omni Messenger?
A: This indicates that your GroupWise Messenger server is not configured for SSL. Refer to the FAQ "What are the steps to enable SSL on the GroupWise Messenger server?" on this page.
Q: What is "SPL Login failed [0xD146]: - Required credentials are missing" error when I login to Omni Messenger client?
A: This error appears when the GroupWise Messenger server has not been upgraded to SP2. Please refer to Can't Login to Messenger - Required Credentials are Missing - TID10094182 for additional details.

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