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GroupWise Common Rules Utility FAQ

Q: What should I do when I receive an "Invalid Registration Information" error when I double click on CRU.exe and login into GroupWise?
A: Please contact us to receive a new licence file.
Q: Does CRU support languages other than English?
A: Not at this time.
Q: How do I get my S-P-A-M emails to move automatically into my SPAM folder?
A: You will need a licence file for this function to work properly. The only time CRU for GEE Whiz will not work automatically to create the SPAM folder and apply the rule properly is if the client is running in Remote or Cached mode. This will not work because the API we use requires that the user be connected to the Post Office for the creation of the SPAM folder. Once the folder is created, it shouldn`t make any difference whether they are in connected mode of not.
Q: Does CRU allow me to create a folder under the Cabinet folder enterprise wide?
A: Yes, GW-CRU can be used to create a new folder under the Cabinet of each user`s account. When you create a rule with CRU that tells GroupWise to move an email to a particular folder, if the folder does not exist, CRU will automatically create the folder in the user`s account before it adds the rule. To test this, download the demo version of CRU from our web site. Create a GroupWise account on your system called SampleUser (both the first and last names must be SampleUser). Login as that user and run CRU. CRU will create a folder called "SPAM" and create a rule that says if any email comes in that has SPAM in the title, move it to that folder. This rule is used in conjunction with our GEE Whiz GroupWise Anti-Spam product.
Q: Can "nested" rules be created using GroupWise Rules?
A: No. Unfortunately, "nested" rules are not allowed because we are limited by the functions supported in Novell's GroupWise Software Development Kit. It is our understanding that these limitations will be resolved in the next service pack.
Q: Can I remove a rule once it has been created?
A: There is currently no way to remove a rule once it has been installed. There is also no way to prevent a user from deleting a rule or from deactivating a rule after the user has logged into GroupWise. To get around these restrictions, one of our clients asked us to create a log of all rule distribution.

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