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Riva Managed Applications for GroupWise

Enforce user signature and disclaimer policies in GroupWise. Create Dynamic and Secure Distribution Lists for GroupWise. Synchronise Exchange and GroupWise system address books. Use Active Directory to manage GroupWise.
(Current Release 2.4.8, April 20, 2010)

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About Riva Applications

With Riva Managed Signatures, GroupWise administrators can enforce and standardise user signature content by pushing eDirectory values and department-based disclaimers into GroupWise signatures.

Configure Dynamic Distribution Lists to use an LDAP query to eDirectory, a third-party application, CRM or other external database to add or update the members of GroupWise distribution lists.

Use Riva Secure Distribution List policies to control who has permission to send emails to GroupWise distribution lists. Create a Riva policy to automatically add external email addresses from CSV files, external databases, CRM systems, eDirectory groups or other third-party applications to GroupWise distribution lists.

Use Riva to Manage GroupWise with Active Directory. Organisations looking to move away from ConsoleOne for GroupWise management can now use Riva to synchronise all Active Directory user attributes to manage eDirectory and GroupWise.

Riva Managed External Domains module synchronises Microsoft Exchange and GroupWise system address books.

Riva Applications

* Require GroupWise 7.0.3 SOAP

Featured Highlights

  • Synchronise Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise system address books: one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many. 
  • Standardise user signatures and add department-based disclaimers by pushing eDirectory values into GroupWise signatures
  • Add local-language departmental or regional disclaimers to user signatures
  • Configure which accounts are authorised to send emails to secure distribution lists
  • Link distribution lists to eDirectory group membership, CSV files, LDAP queries or external databases and third-party applications
  • Manage GroupWise with Active Directory instead of ConsoleOne

On-demand Presentations

Riva Collaboration

Riva Strategic Overview  (22 min)
Riva Installation and Configuration  (3 min)
Riva Secure Distribution Lists  (21 min)


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