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Riva Identity Integration: Manage GroupWise with Active Directory

- Are you migrating from NetWare to Windows Server but want to keep GroupWise? 
- Do you run Windows for authentication, file and print services and GroupWise 6.x, 7.x or 8 for collaboration?
- Are you looking to migrate from Exchange to GroupWise but don't want to use ConsoleOne to manage eDirectory and GroupWise?
Do you want to have Active Directory users and distribution list values be automatically synchronised to eDirectory/GroupWise?

If you answer yes to one or more of the above questions, you want to learn more about Riva Identity Integration for Active Directory and GroupWise.   

Exchange Global Address Books for GroupWise and GroupWise System Address Books for Exchange

Do you need to synchronise your GroupWise System Address Book with Exchange or your Exchange Global Address List with GroupWise? How about adding users to your Exchange GAL or GroupWise System Address Book based on information from an LDAP directory or CRM? Tired of having to run a Novell Gateway on each of your Exchange servers?

Check out Omni's "Managed External Domains" application.  Riva Managed External Domains allows you to synchronise Microsoft Exchange contacts and Novell GroupWise system address books. MED provides automatic and transparent address list updates for contacts and distribtion lists. Support for multiple internet domains, multiple Exchange and GroupWise systems. Learn more about how Riva Managed External Domains integrates Exchange Global Address Lists and GroupWise System Address Books. Use our Contact Us page to request a 15-day trial of Riva Managed External Domains.

Managed Signatures

The Riva Managed Signatures application allows administrators to push eDirectory values into GroupWise signatures. This helps you standardize corporate signatures; manage communication and messaging; satisfy regulatory compliance requirements; and provide local language support for user and department signature control for international companies.  Read more about GroupWise Managed Signatures in our News Section.

Secure Distribution Lists

The Riva Secure Distribution Lists application allows you to configure which accounts are authorised to send emails to secure GroupWise distribution lists, manage distribution list membership visibility and include external email addresses in your system distribution lists.  Secure Distribution Lists allows administrators to include external email addresses in GroupWise distribution lists by supporting CSV text files or links to third-party applications, CRMs and database queries.

Riva's Secure Distribution Lists (SDL) uses Riva's Event Monitor service to "intercept" and process emails based on the SDL access control and distribution policy. SDL confirms whether the email sender is an authorised sender before recreating and distributing the email to the secured distribution list members. Read more about GroupWise Secure Distribution Lists in our News Section.

Dynamic Distribution Lists

Riva's Dynamic Distribution List application delivers on a long-standing need within GroupWise - the ability to have GroupWise distribution lists members be "linked" to multiple eDirectory groups or to multiple LDAP value-based dynamic groups. You simply create a Riva DDL policy that assigns one or more eDirectory groups or LDAP queries as the source and a GroupWise distribution list as the destination and you're done. Any user added to the source eDirectory group(s) is automatically assigned as a member of the destination GroupWise distribution list the next time Riva's DDL is executed.

It gets even better when you configure the optional LDAP query or external database functionality.  This allows you to use LDAP queries to create Dynamic GroupWise Distribution Lists based on the values of multiple eDirectory attributes; or LDAP queries to external databases, CRMs or third-party applications. You can have distribution lists based on users whose "department" is W, whose "country" is X, whose "position" is Y and whose "manager" is Z.  Riva's Dynamic Distribution List module provides ultimate flexibility by automatically populating distribution list memberships. Think of the advantages of never having to worry about distribution list membership accuracy and the time and money you can save by not having to manually manage distribution lists.  Read more about our GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists module in our News Section.

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