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Riva Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Riva?
A: Riva is GroupWise collaboration and integration platform that uses the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture and eDirectory connectors to allow administrators to create policies to push data to GroupWise accounts.
Q: How does Riva work?
A: Riva has a series of modules that are used to configure policies that identify source accounts or CSV files from which content can be pushed to or removed from destination eDirectory or GroupWise accounts. Report modules produce GroupWise administrative reports that are not available using standard GroupWise or eDirectory administration tools.
Q: How does licensing work?
A: Riva modules are licensed on a per-module basis. Different modules can be licensed for different users, groups, containers, post offices or domains. By default, all modules will run in demo mode on an unlicensed system.

Demo Mode:
Each module is limited to run against the first five objects that it finds. This is not "five objects" per run, but rather the first five objects. In demo mode, the reports will run against the first five accounts.

Trial Mode:
Restricted time period trial licence for access to all modules and reports except the Address Book Cleaner. Because the Address Book Cleaner is a one-time implementation, even in 30-day trial mode, it will run in demo mode.

Full Licence:
Per-module, unlimited, unexpiring license. You can upgrade to new versions of Riva modules until the expiry date of your software upgrades and maintenance contract. Software and maintenance contracts for modules purchased at different dates will be pro-rated to have the same expiry date.
Q: How do I determine the number of licences I need?
A: Riva includes a Licensing Wizard that walks you through the process to identify the eDirectory, Container, Post Office or Domain licensing options. In many cases, it will only be necessary to license the number of user objects in the target eDirectory tree or container.

If your GroupWise system contains user objects for which eDirectory accounts do not exist, it will be necessary to have an eDirectory licence (for those accounts that are properly linked to GroupWise accounts) AND a GroupWise system licence for those objects that only exist in the GroupWise database. The Riva Licensing Wizard creates a licence report that you email to . This report identifies the number of users and which type of licensing is required for your system.
Q: What Riva modules are available?
A: For the list of Managed Policies, Reports and Applications, go to our
  • Features and Benefits page. Additional modules will be added based on customer requirements.
  • Q: Is Riva an application or a service?
    A: The current release of Riva runs as a workstation application. The .Net 2.0 Framework must be installed on the computer on which Riva is installed. Riva policies can be scheduled to run using the Windows Task Scheduler. By using Windows scheduler, Riva policies that are marked as "Run in Scheduled Mode" can be scheduled to run at an appropriate interval.

    In the future, Riva Enterprise will be available as a event-driven, service-based solution that runs on SUSE Linux or Windows.
    Q: Will customers with current CCU, IAU and CPU support contracts be able to upgrade to Riva?
    A: Yes. Customers with valid support contracts are eligible for a free upgrade to the Riva-based module. Customers can purchase additional licences and support agreements for other Riva policy or report modules.
    Q: Can Riva use sources other than eDirectory, GroupWise or CSV files?
    A: Future support for Riva will include being able to configure SQL databases, student and staff management and timetabling systems, CRM and ERP solutions.
    Q: What is the difference between Omni Messaging utilities and Riva policy modules?
    A: Omni messaging utilities are based on pre-GroupWise 6.5 non-trusted application architecture. They require that individual end users run the utility and that the GroupWise client be installed on the PC where the Omni utility is run from. This prevents the non-Riva utilities from being used as a centralized administrative tool or run as a service.

    Riva uses the GroupWise Trusted Key API technology which enables administrators to use eDirectory or GroupWise as the source and destination objects and to use policy templates to define the information that will be pushed to the destinations. Riva is not an "end-user" application. In the future, all stand-alone Omni Messaging tools will be integrated into Riva after which time the respective stand-alone Omni Messaging Tool will be discontinued.
    Q: Does Riva require the Novell Client or the GroupWise client be installed?
    A: Yes and No! Creating and configuing certain Riva policies requires the Novell and GroupWise Clients be installed. This is because, during the installation, there are native API calls that are made to confirm appropriate trustee access and GroupWise Admin API access to objects. After the Riva policies have been configured, the Novell and GroupWise clients are no longer required on the workstation that is running Riva. LDAP and the GroupWise Trusted Application Key API are used to execute Riva policies.
    Q: How difficult is it to specify the source or destination?
    A: There is an object browse button that lets the administrator browse through the eDirectory tree and select specified source and destination objects. Depending on the policy module, eDirectory users, groups, or containers and GroupWise users, post offices or distribution lists can be selected. Different policy modules use different source types (or no source type at all).
    Q: Can customers develop their own policy or report modules?
    A: In the future, Riva will be released to operate as a service. We will then release a software development kit (SDK) to allow customers or 3rd party developers to design, develop and distribute their own policy or report modules.

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