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'Multiplied' SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Migration Strategy for Novell Customers

by Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing, Omni Technology Solutions

Following is a six-page white paper that summarises the value of pursuing a Multiplied SLED 10 Migration Strategy.  Modern PCs spend most of the day idle. The Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy allows you to leverage this unused computing power and connect up to 10 full-featured workstations to a SINGLE, shared SLED 10 computer. Ideal for Linux computer labs, Linux thin clients, Linux call centres, Linux Internet cafés and Linux point-of-sale terminals.

  1. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell
  2. "Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy
  3. Linux Desktop Multiplier in Action
  4. Why Multi-station Linux Desktops?
  5. Linux Desktop TCO Calculator
  6. Multiplied Linux Desktop Deployment Examples
  7. How Does the Linux Desktop Multiplier Work?
  8. System Requirements
  9. Multiplied Linux Desktop Scenarios
  10. Linux Desktop Multiplier vs Thin Clients
  11. Additional Resources

Novell SLED 10 — Platform for the Open Enterprise

With the excitement surrounding the launch of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, it is clear that Novell has a winner with its new Linux desktop strategy. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is the only enterprise-quality Linux desktop that is ready for routine business use.  Customers are choosing to migrate to SLED 10 because of its market-leading usability, global support, improved desktop security, seamless interoperability with existing systems and cost savings when compared to Windows desktops and other environments.

While the software costs related to stand-alone SLED 10 deployments are significantly less than standard Windows environments, the hardware, management, electricity and infrastructure costs remain high when compared to deploying a Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy. 

The Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy allows up to 10 users (10 monitors, USB keyboards and mice) to share a SINGLE Linux desktop computer. That means only ONE computer to install, configure, secure, backup and administer instead of TEN.

"Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy

The Multiplied Linux Desktop strategy is quite straightforward. By using extra video cards, a powered USB hub and the Linux Desktop Multiplier, a software add-on developed by Userful for SLED 10, you can run up to 10 full-featured user sessions at the same time on a SINGLE computer.

Since modern desktop PCs spend most of the day idle, the performance of a Multiplied Linux Desktop is indistinguishable from single-user desktops running basic applications (e.g., GroupWise, Firefox, OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat, Messenger, Clam Antivirus). The Multiplied Linux Desktop strategy is ideal for migrating or deploying new Linux-based computer labs, thin client deployments, Internet cafés, clinical workstations, call centers and point-of-sale terminals – wherever two or more users are in close physical proximity.

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