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  1. Linux Universities and Schools
  2. Linux Computer Labs and Classrooms
  3. Linux Governments and Job Banks
  4. Linux in Healthcare
  5. Linux Retail POS Terminals
  6. Linux Public Access Computers and Information Kiosks
  7. Other Opportunities
Userful Multiplier for Linux offers a powerful and reliable multi-user platform for Linux computer labs, Linux classrooms, Linux libraries, Linux cybercafes, Linux call centers and Linux POS terminals. Userful Multiplier outperforms thin clients at a fraction of the cost, and leverages your existing Allison Singh, Senior Systems Engineer, and Guy Lunardi from Novell highlight Userful Multiplier for SLED 10 during BrainShare South Africa keynote hardware investments.

Allison Singh, Senior Novell Systems Engineer, and Guy Lunardi, Senior Product Manager for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, featured Userful Multiplier during their keynote presentation at BrainShare South Africa.

"Userful Multiplier's ability to leverage SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop for up to 10 users on one standard computer presents a huge value proposition for our corporate, government and educational customers," said Allison Singh. "Not only does Userful Multiplier significantly reduce hardware and software costs, but it also results in a 10-to-1 savings on computer management, electricity, and infrastructure costs. This is very important to our customers."

"Userful Multiplier is an ideal complement to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and openSUSE offerings," adds Tom Heubner, OEM Business Development Manager at Novell South Africa. "We recently used Userful Multiplier to deploy 2,205 Linux desktops in 105 South African schools. We are pursuing Userful Multiplier opportunities with other corporate, education and government customers who require large numbers of low-cost, high-performance desktops."

Linux Universities and Schools

Userful Multiplier is ideal for universities and schools considering Linux desktops. By allowing up to 10 users to leverage the power of a single Linux desktop computer, universities and K-12 schools can drive more value out of their fixed IT budgets. More time, energy and money can be invested in student learning rather than expensive hardware and software that depreciates quickly. Userful Multiplier is ideal for Linux computer labs, Linux Internet cafes, Moodle course management systems, Linux libraries and Linux Internet kiosks.

Linux Computer Labs and Classrooms

Get a "10-to-1 advantage" on deploying Linux in your Linux computer labs or mobile training labs. Userful Multiplier delivers the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way to deploy Linux computers for training labs, testing labs, demonstration centers and computer labs. Some of our customers tell us that Userful Multiplier has saved them tens of thousands of dollars on electrical and HVAC upgrades required to upgrade their computer lab.

Linux Governments and Job Banks

Free your technical staff from the headaches of maintaining your public-access computers. Build self-service Linux Internet kiosks that provide citizens access to on-line information when and where they need it. Userful Multiplier is ideal for Linux telecenters, Linux job banks and Linux public access.

Linux in Healthcare

Leverage Userful Multiplier for Linux to provide information to visitors and patients on specific health awareness programs or initiatives. Visitors, patients and staff can now have access to the Internet, OpenOffice, email and other beneficial services within your health care environment.

Linux Retail POS Terminals

Userful Multiplier supports 3M MicroTouch and Elo touchscreens for Linux retail point-of-sale environments. Deploy a single desktop and multiple point of sale terminals without the additional costs of a thin client server and individual thin clients. Less hardware costs, less complexities, better performance – Linux Desktop Multiplier for POS environments. Use Linux Desktop Multiplier to leverage your Linux POS software. Use Windows Terminal Server, WINE, or Win4Lin Pro Desktop to run Windows software on Linux.

Linux Public Access Computers

Providing accessible and secure public Internet access places a growing burden on governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profit agencies that wish to provide Internet access points as part of their community service strategy. Use Userful Multiplier for Linux to address the complex undertaking of public computing and dramatically reduce your costs, increase your user satisfaction, and reduce overhead to provide and manage these services.

Other Linux Desktop Opportunities

  • Linux in developing nations
  • Linux call centers
  • Linux in Chambers of Commerce
  • Linux libraries
  • Tradeshows, meetings & conferences
  • Linux Internet connectivity projects
  • Linux in hotel and airport lobbies
  • Linux Internet cafés
  • Linux in cruise ships
  • Linux in retirement homes
  • Linux job banks
  • Linux museum kiosks
  • Linux in remote communities and rural areas
  • Linux in oilfield and well sites

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