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EMU was developed to provide an intuitive interface to manage, modify and import large numbers of users. Originally developed as a tool to import and modify users for schools, universities and colleges, EMU is more than just a series of batch files or individual utilities. EMU has evolved into a fully-fledged application that eases the administrative burden for all eDirectory, NetWare, GroupWise, and NetMail administrators who deal with large numbers of accounts.


  • Easy to use, intuitive workstation application
  • Bulk create/modify NetMail attributes (includes automatically creating and setting Sent Folder values and Message Store Settings)
  • Bulk modify maximum concurrent connections
  • Significant speed improvement with dealing with groups of more than 5,000 users.
  • Select/modify/delete accounts based on last login time. Selectable parameters for number of days since last login time, never logged in, not used in X days, etc.
  • Supports extended eDirectory schemas and changing extended schema values from a text file.
  • Bulk change eDirectory values for existing users from text file
  • Scan for duplicate eDirectory/GroupWise accounts or Home Directories entries when creating accounts.  Rename duplicates on the fly and have them automatically verified.
  • Automatically append a number to accounts that would otherwise conflict. Ability to change the duplicate accounts to a name of your choice.
  • Save new, non-conflicting user names to a text file for future reference.
  • Ability to bulk modify NDS and/or GroupWise passwords based on the contents of a text file.
  • Ability to select and bulk modify accounts and account information based on the contents of a text file.
  • Support for managing Novell NetMail user preference settings
  • Create and copy files to "Secondary" home directories (directories in another location with "home directory" Trustee Assignments and file ownership)
  • Set Trustee Assignments for Home Directories (and Secondary Home Directories) - at creation and during mass modification
  • Ability to mass copy files or directories into home directories
  • Move user home directories to other volumes - keeps Trustee Assignments, File Ownership and Disk Restriction information
  • Check for duplicate user names in specific containers (or the entire tree) before creating user IDs
  • Enhanced ability to modify users based on the contents of a text file
  • Bulk modify user properties based on Group Membership
  • Add and delete Group Membership at the same time
  • Bulk modify GroupWise visibility
  • Bulk modify GroupWise and NDS passwords
  • Create GroupWise users for existing NDS users
  • Ability to save all create information to an EMU profile - a powerful improvement on the concept of user templates. Allows you to re-use the field links for multiple import sessions.


EMU drives value to the bottom line by freeing up your advanced network administrators to carry more critical tasks than managing user accounts.  By using EMU to carry out identity management bulk changes, network administrators from schools, school districts, colleges, universities and large enterprise networks are able to focus on the more pressing tasks of increasing the Return On Investment and offering additional and improved services to their users.

Short turn-arounds between semesters and bulk account creation or deletion have never been easier than with EMU. 

EMU helps your company save time, energy and effort.  It allows your administrators to focus on upper level tasks rather than user creation and modification tasks.  

Better and faster user creation and management - better results!

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