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Major Announcements, 2010

Sep 24  Evento recepción de Omni Chile - "Seguridad informática: Gestíon de identidades 2.0."
Sep 20  Omni eControl Makes the Grade at Fordham University School of Law
Jul 08  Vale of White Horse District Council Uses Riva to Manage GroupWise with Active Directory
Jun 25  TEIQ is Omni's first Authorised Riva for SugarCRM partner in New Zealand
Jun 14  Better Place Australia descubre una mejor manera de integrar Salesforce con los BlackBerry
Jun 14  Riva Integration Server for SageCRM and Saleslogix Now Listed on Sage Partner Solution Site
Jun 10  DataSync Announces Microsoft Exchange® Integration For DataSync Suite™
Jun 9  Are Humans Made for CRM Systems? (Auf Deutsch)
Jun 8  June Newsletter - eControl EDU Promotion - Riva Live - Better Place - AppExchange
Jun 1  Omni Chile y Practika demuestran la integración avanzada de Riva para Salesforce y Exchange - 10 de junio | 12:00 PM (hora de Chile)
May 31  Education Customers Save 70% with eControl 3.5 Summer Promotion (Auf Deutsch)
May 27  Better Place Australia Discovers Better Salesforce and BlackBerry Integration Solution
May 20   Omni to Present Riva Integration Server at Dallas SugarCRM Acceleration Event
May 10   eControl Manages Exchange, Active Directory, eDirectory, GroupWise, SAP and others from a Single SaaS Application - Deutsch
Apr 21   CRM Sync Software - Riva Comparison with Outlook Plug-ins
Apr 21   Learn how Riva helps bridge the CRM adoption gap for Exchange, Mac OS X, GroupWise, iPhone, BlackBerry and other ActiveSync mobile devices - 23-minute video
Apr 20   April Newsletter - eControl 3.5 New Features - Mobile CRM Sync - Mac CRM Sync
Apr 19   CRM Synchronization for Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Apr 15   eControl Now Available in English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Polish and Portuguese
Apr 13   eControl Extensions Enable Omni Partners and Customers to Integrate and Manage Strategic Line-of-Business Applications
Apr 12   Omni Announces Riva Live™ Public Beta at SugarCon 2010 - CRM Integration in the Cloud - Auf Deutsch
Apr 12   Riva Live Now Available - Cloud-based CRM Synchronization for as low as $9.95 per month
Mar 24   Riva Mobilises CRM for iPhone, BlackBerry and Mobile Devices - Auf Deutsch
Mar 18   Riva Live Beta Now Available – Cloud-based CRM Integration SaaS Offering
Mar 18   SugarCon Speaker Spotlight: Omni CEO Aldo Zanoni
Mar 17   Omni CEO to Present Advanced SugarCRM Integration at SugarCon 2010
Mar 10   Attend Omni's Riva session at SugarCon to learn how to bridge the last mile between SugarCRM and Exchange - NO plug-ins required!
Mar 10   The University Hospital of Würzburg Simplifies Novell Identity Management with eControl's Centralised User Administration - Auf Deutsch
Mar 06   Riva Integration Server synchronizes students' calendars in SCT PowerCAMPUS to GroupWise
Mar 04   Riva Integration Server for Salesforce - Watch the new Quick Tour Video
Mar 03   Omn's Riva Integration Server is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange
Mar 02   Omni Announces SAP CRM Support for Game-changing Server-side SaaS CRM Integration for Exchange and GroupWise – NO Plug-ins Required
Mar 02   eControl Extensions Allow SaaS Partners to Provide Streamlined and Simplified Account Management Across Multi-System Environments – Now Includes Support for SAP
Mar 01   March Newsletter - SAP CRM Integration - eControl Extensions for SAP - CeBIT 2010
Feb 19   Omni Training Event in Munich - Riva Integration Server and eControl
Jan 26   Riva Identity Integration Opens a Whole New World for GroupWise - Auf Deutsch
Jan 26   Omni Expands in Europe – Resellers Wanted - Auf Deutsch
Jan 18   intelecrm Delivers New Server-side Exchange Integration Option – No Outlook Plug-ins Required
Jan 14   eControl 3.5 Preview - Learn about the New Features - Sign up for Webinar
Jan 12   Visit Omni - The Integration Company - at CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany - Auf Deutsch
Jan 08   January Newsletter - CRM Integration without the plug-ins - eControl 3.4 - Entourage Integraton
Jan 06   Check out the new Riva CRM Integration videos for Entourage 2008 for Mac
Jan 05   Omni Introduces Server-side CRM Integration for Microsoft Entourage - Deutsch - français

Major Announcements, 2009

Dec 15   Riva Integration Server for Macintosh Entourage Now Available
Nov 16   A Practical Combination – Identity Management and SaaS - Auf Deutsch
Nov 10   eControl Delivers Simplified, Delegated Management and Auditing for M+Guardian and M+Archive for Exchange and GroupWise
Nov 10   Messaging Architects and Omni Deliver Innovative Compliance Management for Exchange 2010 and GroupWise 8
Nov 09   eControl Delivers Simplified, Delegated Management and Auditing for M+Guardian and M+Archive for Exchange and GroupWise
Nov 05   Alberta International Business Partnering Reception at the Plug and Play Center in Sunnyvale
Oct 05   Identidad e integración - El primer encuentro de Omni Canadá en Chile
Oct 05   Omni Launches Riva Advanced Integration Server for Exchange
Oct 05   Mehrsprachige Version von eControl, nun in 6 Sprachen erhältlich
Oct 01   October Newsletter - Special CRM Edition
Oct 01   Omni Expands in EMEA - Now Speaks German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, English and French!
Sep 16   Omni Training in London – eControl and Riva Advanced Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Sep 16   Omni Training in Berlin – eControl and Riva Advanced Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Sep 16   Omni Training in Munich – eControl and Riva Advanced Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Aug 18   August Newsletter - Bulk Create AD Accounts, GroupWise for AD, EMU Offer
Aug 12   HNTB Enhances Team Collaboration with GroupWise Web Parts for SharePoint
Aug 10   Riva Identity Integration for Active Directory and GroupWise – Now Available!
Aug 10   Omni eControl and EMU Help Sandusky City Schools Manage 4,000 Student Accounts with an IT Staff of Three
Aug 06   Manage GroupWise with Active Directory – with Omni's latest Riva Application
Jul 27   July Newsletter - Back to School with EMU, Manage External Domains, Riva SuperPack
Jul 15   Back to School with EMU – Bulk Manage Thousands of GroupWise and eDirectory Accounts
Jul 15   The All-New Riva SuperPack Bundle – with one year of FREE support and upgrades!
Jun 24   SASSA Cuts Costs and Improves Service Delivery in Rural Areas with Novell and
Userful Multiplier
 (Press Release)
Jun 06   GWAVA Uses Riva Integration Server to Integrate Salesforce with GroupWise
Jun 03   June Newsletter - Omni eControl 3, Riva SharePoint Integration, Training in Germany
May 29   Full-day, Hands-on Advanced Technical Training for Omni eControl and Riva Integration Server (Frankfurt, June 17th)
May 29   Half-day, Omni eControl and Riva Seminar (Frankfurt, June 18th)
May 20   May Newsletter - Trade-up to Riva Promotion and More!
May 14   Novell IT in Action Tour - Get Trained on Riva Integration Server!
May 11   Omni Releases Oracle CRM On Demand Integration for Novell GroupWise
May 08   Upgrade from LinkPoint 360, ActWise or Your Custom CRM Integration to Riva for FREE*
May 07   Novell Open Audio Features Riva Integration Server Podcast
May 01   On-demand Version of Novell-sponsored "8 Integrations for Novell GroupWise 8"
Event Now Available!
Apr 24   Omni Launches the all-new eControl 3 for Microsoft, Novell and Mixed Networks
Apr 06   How to Set Up Novell eDirectory Authentication for Microsoft SharePoint
Apr 01   Omni and Novell Collaborate on "8 Integrations for Novell GroupWise 8" Webinar
Mar 30   New Oracle CRM On Demand Connector for Novell GroupWise
Mar 28   Omni April Newsletter - Novell GroupWise, eDirectory and SUSE Linux Announcements
Mar 16   Server-side SageCRM Integration Available for Novell GroupWise 8
Mar 01   Omni Celebrates 10 Years of Software Innovation!
Feb 27   Register Now for our Beyond E-mail "Lunch and Learn" Webinar (March 11, 12:00-2:00 EST)
Feb 24   Omni eControl and EMU Help Beech Grove City Schools Focus on Server Virtualization and Linux Migration Projects
Feb 05   Omni Webinar: "How to Automate GroupWise Account Content Management with Riva" (Wednesday, Feb 25th, 11:00 AM EST)
Feb 05   Columbia Bank Innovates and Saves with Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise
Feb 03   Omni Webinar: "How to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts with Omni eControl" (Wednesday, Feb 4th, 2:00 PM EST)
Jan 22   Integrated GroupWise and CRM Solution Increases Sales at CPU Consultores
Jan 13   Microsoft SharePoint Integration for GroupWise Unveiled at GWAVACon Las Vegas
Jan 13   Desktop Multiplier Enhances Student Learning at Knox County Academy
Jan 06   January Newsletter – Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements

Major Announcements, 2008

Dec 15   SharePoint Integration for GroupWise Web Seminar
Dec 02   Microsoft SharePoint Connects with Novell GroupWise
Nov 28   Omni Announces Eight Integrations for Novell GroupWise 8
Nov 10   Riva "Value Pack" Pricing Available until March 31, 2009
Nov 04   Linux Desktop Deployments Planned in 29 US States
Oct 27   Omni and Intelestream Deliver Open Source CRM Integration for Novell GroupWise
Oct 23   Omni Anchors EMEA Growth Strategy with New Danish Distributor
Oct 22   Top CIO Priorities During Tough Economic Times
Oct 14   Omni, Novell and GWAVA Collaborate on Multi-city "Beyond Email" Tour for Executives
Sep 30   The GroupWise CRM Integration Advantage – A Customer Perspective
Sep 23   Novell GroupWise Joins the Facebook Generation
Sep 11   September Newsletter – Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements
Sep 04   Omni Announces SageCRM Integration for Novell GroupWise
Sep 02   "Free the Penguins" Initiative Brings Next Generation of Desktop Virtualization to Schools
Sep 02   Iniciativa Linux aporta próxima generación de escritorios virtualizados a escuelas
Aug 22   Novell, Userful and Omni Partner on Global Linux Desktop Promotion for Education
Aug 21   Learn about GroupWise integration for your CRM system and get a free 3-user licence
Aug 04   August Newsletter – Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements
Jul 29   Outlook CRM Plug-ins – When Free is Not Good Enough
Jul 23   Omni Presents Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise at GUG Argentina Meeting
Jul 15   Asesorías ADL lanza Omni eControl para delegar las tareas administrativas computacionales
Jul 7   July Newsletter - Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements
Jul 4   Novell Partner Poised for Growth with Unified Email and CRM Solution
Jul 4   GWCheck Interview on Riva GroupWise CRM Integration
Jul 2   GroupWise Now Able to Integrate with Corporate CRMs
Jun 5   June Newsletter - Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements
May 29   "Three Ways to Save" promotion extended through to June 30th
May 14   Norwegian School Highly Recommends EMU for Creating Multiple Staff and Student Accounts
May 6   Webcast - Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy for K-12 Education
May 5   "Three Ways to Save in May" Promotion – eControl, Riva "Value Packs", Desktop Multiplier
May 2   May Newsletter - Omni GroupWise Integration, eDirectory and SLED Announcements
Apr 22   Riva Satisfies Canadian Government Email Signature Requirements
Apr 11   Convert a GroupWise Email into a CRM Opportunity, Case, Quote or Archived Email!
Mar 30   Omni Cool Tip - Import CardScan Business Card Information into GroupWise!
Mar 25   BrainShare 2008, Novell and Omni Create a New Jungle and Who Won the Wii!
Feb 26   Riva GroupWise Integration for SugarCRM Version 1 Now Available
Jan 28   Riva CRM Integration Desktop Edition Now in Public Beta!
Jan 10   Frankfort Schools Use eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts
Jan 09   Riva CRM Integration Desktop Edition Now in Closed Beta
Jan 06   Read This Cool Solution to Help Your CIOs Achieve Their Top IT Priorities for 2008

Major Announcements, 2007 Archive

Dec 19   Riva "Value Pack" Promotion -- Get all Riva policies or reports, at one low price.
Dec 19   Linux Desktop Multiplier Approved for Indiana ACCESS Program Funding
Dec 19   New Director of Sales Position Created to Facilitate Omni's Growth in EMEA Region
Dec 18  Rename eDirectory Accounts and Home Directories with EMU
Dec 10  Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, December 2007 Edition
Dec 10  Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise — SugarCRM Closed Beta Now Available
Nov 8  Configure SugarCRM to use Novell eDirectory for Authentication
Oct 30  Tell us about your GroupWise CRM / ERP integration needs!
Oct 29  Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, November 2007 Edition
Oct 29  Omni Announces CRM Integration Strategy for GroupWise
Oct 3  Riva Collaboration Integration Suite Seminar Featured on Novell Open Audio
Oct 1  Omni Announces GroupWise Secure, Access Controlled Distribution Lists Module
Sep 25  Novell Licenses Riva from Omni to Keep New Zealand on Time (Daylight Savings Time)
Sep 25  Article on Multi-station Linux Desktops in a Health Care Centre
Sep 24  Omni's Senior Developer to present hands-on Riva and eControl lab at GroupWise Summit
Sep 14  Novell Users Group? Schedule Omni Training for your members today!
Sep 13  'Multiplied' Linux Desktop Session Overview for Novell User Groups
Sep 11  Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, September 2007 Edition
Sep 04  A GroupWise First – Integrate eDirectory Values into GroupWise Signatures
Aug 30  Setting up Novell Client Single Sign-on on a Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop System
Aug 22  Health Care Provider Chooses Multi-station SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops for Library
Aug 21  Illinois-based School District Pushes GroupWise Appointments and Reminders to Staff Accounts with Riva CCU from Omni
Aug 13  K-12 School Uses EMU to Create and Bulk Modify Novell Home Directories for Mac OS X Users
Aug 08  Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, August 2007 Edition
Aug 01  Contra Costa County Office of Education Pushes GroupWise Calendar Items to User Accounts with Riva from Omni
Jul 31  Law Firm Uses Riva to Synchronize Shared Calendars to GroupWise Mobile Server Users
Jul 20  2-for-1 Promotion: Riva GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite
Jul 17  Sending Personalized Emails from GroupWise
Jul 05  Omni Webinar Series – GroupWise Management Training
Jun 29  University of New Mexico Adopts Multiplied SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy
Jun 26  Omni Co-hosts Novell Work Group Works Tour in Edmonton
Jun 26  Linux Desktop Solution Supports 'Let's Play a Million' Campaign
Jun 18  Create GroupWise Dynamic Distribution Lists
Jun 11  Are you finally ready to upgrade GWIA to Native Internet Addressing?
Jun 06  Desktop Multiplier Takes Limited PC Resources a Long Way
Jun 05  Omni Announces Public Beta of Riva Collaboration Integration Suite for eDirectory and GroupWise
May 24  Automated User Creation with EMU
May 07  EMU Complements Novell Identity Management Deployment at Metropolitan Community College
May 01  Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Story Featured on Novell's Website
Apr 27  City Government Simplifies Novell Identity and GroupWise User Account Management with Omni eControl
Apr 24  eControl 2.5 to Support 30,000 Users in Global eDirectory Tree
Apr 10  Novell BrainShare 2007 Photos
Apr 03  Secure and Extend the Range of your Linux Desktop Multiplier Deployments with Cubix
Apr 02  Setting up Omni Mobile on a Dedicated WebAccess Server
Mar 23  Omni Mobile Version 2.4 Now Shipping - Enhanced GroupWise Mobile Features
Mar 20  Novell Open Workgroup Suite "Value Pack"
Mar 18  Omni Goes Gold at Novell BrainShare 2007!
Mar 15  Run Windows Applications on Linux
Mar 12  CCUweb and Daylight Savings Time Patch Procedures
Mar 08  Omni Mobile Daylight Savings Time Patch Procedures
Mar 01  Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy Delivers Cost Savings for Illinois School District
Feb 26  Omni Mobile Version 2.4 Provides Enhanced GroupWise Mobile Messaging Client
Feb 23  loveLife Chooses Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy for South African Youth Centres
Feb 12  Global Retailer Uses eControl to Enhance Novell Identity Manager Implementation
Jan 18  Omni Presents eControl and Omni Mobile for GroupWise at GWAVACon Dallas
Jan 17  RealOpen IT Shares Omni Solutions at Novell TTP Seminar in Amsterdam
Jan 09  How to Run Internet Explorer on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop

Major Announcements, 2006 Archive

Dec 25   Merry Christmas from Omni
Dec 20   Three Linux PCs Power 20-Station Novell SLED 10 Internet Café
Dec 05   Omni Mobile for GroupWise Closed Beta for Nokia Eseries Phones - No Windows Server Required
Dec 05   White-box PC Maker Delivers Multiplied Novell SLED 10 Hardware Bundle
Nov 28   Seminario web para Partners de Novell en América Latina
Nov 20   Omni Mobile for Windows Mobile 5 Smart Phones Now Available
Nov 15   The Four Most Trendy Linux Developments
Nov 07   Enhancing Internet Access Speed on Multiplied SLED 10 Systems
Nov 02   GroupWise Client Limitations on Different Mobile Platforms
Oct 31   GroupWise Mobile Client for PDAs and Smart Phones
Oct 25   Web-based User Account and Identity Management White Paper
Oct 18   BAIT Expo 2006, Bulgaria
Oct 10   Omni Invited to Participate in eService Symposium
Oct 10   Omni Presents Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy at LinuxWorld London
Oct 06   GWAVACon EMEA 2006 Photos
Sep 27   "Multiplied" Linux Desktop Migration Strategy for SLED 10 and openSUSE 10.1
Sep 21   New Linux Desktop Multiplier Support Forum Now Available
Sep 13   Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Imports and Manages Students' eDirectory and GroupWise Accounts with EMU
Sep 13   Omni Mobile Best Fit for Start-rite Shoes' GroupWise Mobile Needs
Sep 11   "Omnifest" at GWAVACon Europe!
Sep 08   Telephone Press Briefing on Multiplied SLED 10 Strategy, 19 Sept 2006
Sep 08   Linux Internet Cafe Software Allows Multiple Users to Share Single Desktop
Sep 07   Moodle Course Management on a Multiplied SLED 10 Desktop
Aug 25   University of New Mexico Pilots Multiplied SLED 10 Desktops in Computer Lab
Aug 21   Omni Mobile Secures GroupWise Wireless Email for Lower Colorado River Authority
Aug 09   Omni Mobile Tips for GroupWise Wireless Email
Aug 08   Linux Software Saves 11 Tonnes of CO² Per Year in Computer Waste
Aug 01   Omni Releases Omni Mobile for GroupWise Version 2.2
Jul 19   Importing and Managing Large Numbers of GroupWise Accounts with EMU
Jul 14   What is the Best PDA to Use with GroupWise?
Jul 10   GroupWise Advisor Summit Phoenix
Jun 26   Two Linux PCs Power 12-station Internet Café
Jun 20   Novell South Africa Deploys 2,205 SUSE Linux Desktops in 105 Schools with Desktop Multiplier
Jun 19   Linux Desktop Multiplier Powers Linux Internet Café at BrainStormer UK Event
Jun 09   Linux Desktop Multiplier and Win4Lin Pro Reduce Costs of Point-of-Sale Terminals
Jun 06   Linux Desktop Multiplier for SLED 10 Showcased at BrainStormer Internet Café
Jun 02   Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, June 2006 Edition
May 24   LinuxWorld South Africa Photos
May 03   Omni Exhibits in Novell Booth at LinuxWorld South Africa 2006
May 03   Simplify Your GroupWise Mobile PDA Solution
Apr 28   Linux Center Latin America Representa Omni en la Semana Nacional PyME 2006, México
Apr 28   LinuxWorld Canada, April 24-26, 2006
Apr 21   Omni Authorised Reseller Features Linux Desktop Multiplier at COMEX 2006
Apr 19   Sign up for Omni's GroupWise Mobile Web Training
Apr 13   Desktop Multiplier Featured at Dubai American Academy Conference
Apr 13   Novell BrainShare 2006 Highlights from Omni
Apr 10   Over 150 Omni Partners to Serve You!
Mar 08   Rockford Corporation Deploys eControl to Enhance Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Feb 27   Omni Introduces Desktop Multiplier at LinuxWorld Mexico
Feb 13   Multi-user Linux Solution Reduces Costs of Implementing Desktops by 70% (Versión en español)
Feb 13   Omni Releases eControl 2.0 for Cross-platform Identity Management
Jan 27   GWAVACon Uses Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Internet Café
Jan 18   RealOpen IT Appointed Preferred Dutch Partner by Omni
Jan 13   Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, January 2006 Edition
Jan 13   Omni to Present at GWAVACon 2006
Jan 04   Ten Questions to Determine if eControl is Right for You
Jan 03   Omni Web Challenge Winners
Jan 02   Web-Based User Account Management for Mixed Networks

Major Announcements, 2005 Archive

Dec 20   Omni Looking for "Just the Right Partners"
Dec 15   Omni Present in UK Channel
Dec 14   Merry Christmas from Omni
Nov 22   Omni GroupWise Suite to Rival Microsoft Exchange Mobility
Nov 08   Special Offer: "Get Mobile!" with Omni's GroupWise Mobility Suite
Oct 24   Injecting New Life into GautengOnline
Oct 24   Omni Reseller Web Challenge!
Oct 12   Omni is Moving Up, Up to the 12th Floor
Oct 05   Introducing the Latest Addition to Omni's GroupWise Mobility Suite
Oct 05   BrainShare Barcelona 2005 Prize Winners!
Oct 05   LinuxWorld San Francisco 2005 Draw Winners!
Sep 30   New Omni Syncaphone Client Provides Mobile GroupWise Access on Nokia Communicator
Sep 30   Connect to GroupWise on Virtually any Java Cell Phone
Sep 29   Omni Announces Public Beta of GroupWise Messenger for Palm Treo 650 and Other Palm Wireless Devices
Sep 28   Omni Announces Availability of Public Beta of Omni Mobile for GroupWise
Sep 22   Blueloop Named Omni Technology Solutions' Preferred Reseller for U.K.
Sep 08   BrainShare Barcelona 2005 Giveaway!
Aug 25   GroupWise Messenger on your Pocket PC, Windows Mobile PDA and Smart Phone
Jul 28   Special Offer: Experience LinuxWorld San Francisco 2005 for FREE!
Jul 15   GroupWise on your Java cell phone? Absolutely!
Jul 15   Connect 10 users to one desktop computer? Absolutely!
Jun 10   Omni Novell GroupWise, SLED and eDirectory Newsletter, June 2005 Edition
Jun 08   Are the Spammers winning? Absolutely NOT!
May 20   Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop Highlighted during Novell BrainShare South Africa Keynote
May 13   Attend the Official Launch of GroupWise 7 and Save 150 Euros!
Apr 18   BrainShare 2005 Survey - We Have a Winner!
Apr 04   BrainShare 2005 Follow-up Newsletter
Mar 29   Linux Software Saves 11 Tonnes of CO/2 Per Year in Computer Waste
Mar 16   Userful and Omni Announce Desktop Multiplier for Novell Linux Desktop
Mar 08   GWAVA and Omni Announce GroupWise Solution Alliance
Mar 01   How Omni Solutions help you become the Management Experts
Mar 01   Why Omni Technology Solutions are the Mobility Experts
Mar 01   Why Omni Technology Solutions are the Email Security Experts
Mar 01   Why Omni Technology Solutions are the Messaging & Collaboration Experts

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