Omni Newsletter June 2010

Huge value for education customers

Universities, colleges and K-12 school districts can now license eControl for only the cost of support until August 31st – a 70% savings on the standard education price.

"The timing of this promotion is perfect for education customers who need to quickly and easily bulk create Microsoft and Novell accounts for their students and staff at the beginning of September," said Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing at Omni. "For Novell customers who are migrating to Active Directory and Exchange, eControl can be used to manage and create accounts before, during and after the migration.

Benefits of eControl in education:

  • Bulk create student and staff accounts in seconds from a CSV file. No more complex scripts. eControl will automatically create user home directories, email and directory accounts. eControl will auto-generate passwords for you.
  • Administrators can use eControl to securely delegate routine tasks to help desk operators, junior administrators, office staff and teachers – with NO administrator rights and NO access to Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne, iManager or other complex tools. eControl simplifies "role-based services."
  • eControl allows senior IT staff to focus on senior IT issues – not resetting passwords, releasing intruder lockout, enabling / disabling accounts, managing group memberships or proxy access. With eControl, these tasks can all be delegated to non-IT staff. All of the changes get written to an audit log. Administrators have full control over assigning search and task authority.
  • It takes fewer than 20 minutes to train new help desk staff to carry out the most common account management and creation tasks in mixed and multiple Microsoft and Novell systems.

Contact Omni to receive an eControl price quote for your environment. Go here to learn more about eControl.

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Brett Kluiber
Network Technology Coordinator
Sandusky City Schools

"With fewer than 10 minutes of training, I can teach a new help desk staff member, teacher or secretary to use eControl to reset student passwords, release intruder lockout, manage group memberships, manage print queues, and more."

Greg Long, IT Director
Community Schools of Frankfort

"eControl has been a lifesaver! It is the perfect solution for allowing non-technical staff and teachers to manage student accounts on both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory sides."

John Moreno, MIS Director
Pendergast Elementary School District

"The results were phenomenal!"

Riva Integration Server News

Cloud-based CRM Integration.
Omni recently launched Riva Live, a new cloud-based version of its popular CRM data integration solution. Use Riva Live to sync calendar data, address books and sales information between your CRM and Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Microsoft Entourage, Mac Mail, Novell GroupWise, iPhone, BlackBerry and other Smartphones.

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Salesforce + BlackBerry.
Better Place Australia implemented Riva Integration Server from Omni to automatically synchronize Salesforce information to executives' BlackBerry devices and to Microsoft Outlook. Riva replaced the Outlook plug-in for Salesforce that needed to be installed, configured and managed on each user's mobile device, desktop and laptop.

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Riva on AppExchange.
Riva Integration Server is now a certified application on the Salesforce AppExchange. Use Riva to deliver advanced, server-side synchronization of Salesforce address book data, calendar items, opportunities, cases and quotes – with NO Outlook CRM plug-ins required on your desktops, laptops or mobile devices!

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