Riva Identity Integration for Active Directory and GroupWise

  • Are you migrating from NetWare to Windows Server 2008/2003 but want to keep GroupWise? 

  • Do you run Windows for authentication, file and print services and GroupWise for collaboration? 
If you answer yes to one of these questions, Riva Identity Integration for Active Directory and GroupWise is the right choice for you.

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How does Riva Simplified Identify Integration work?

Riva Identity Integration is an Active Directory to eDirectory/GroupWise identity synchronisation solution that takes 15 minutes to install and configure. There are no Active Directory or eDirectory schema extensions required, no complex designer tools, connectors or scripting languages to learn and no knowledge of internal LDAP or directory attributes is required.

Using Riva's intuitive administration interface, simply assign an Active Directory container to an eDirectory container and identify the target GroupWise Post Office and Riva will take the Active Directory information and automatically and transparently create/update users, groups/lists in the target systems.

How does it deal with existing systems?

In environments where Active Directory and eDirectory/GroupWise accounts exist with the same users, the Active Directory and GroupWise accounts are linked.   The users' GroupWise LDAP Authentication value is set to point to Active Directory so users authenticate to GroupWise with their Active Directory passwords.

How does it synchronise new objects that are created in Active Directory?

  1. When a new user is created in a monitored Active Directory container, an eDirectory and GroupWise user will be automatically created and the user LDAP Authentication value will point to Active Directory;
  2. When a new Active Directory group is created and members are added, a GroupWise distribution list with the appropriate members is automatically created;
  3. When membership of an Active Directory group changes, the changes are propagated to GroupWise.  

What Active Directory attributes are synchronised to eDirectory/GroupWise?

All relevant Active Directory user attributes, including Account Status (disabled/enabled), Account Expiration and contact details, etc. are synchronized between Active Directory and eDirectory/GroupWise. Riva Simplified Identity Integration removes the biggest challenges administrators encounter when running Active Directory and GroupWise:  the need to use separate Active Directory, eDirectory and GroupWise tools for user account, password and membership management.

What happens when we expire, disable or delete an Active Directory account?

Expire or disable an account in Active Directory and that account gets expired/disabled in eDirectory and GroupWise. If you delete an account in Active Directory, Riva allows you to configure whether you want the eDirectory and GroupWise accounts to be expired, disabled or deleted. Riva allows you to respect your GroupWise account and data retention policy.

What is the best thing for administrators about Riva Simplified Identity Integration?

Hands down, the best feature is that administrators no longer have to use two separate applications to manage users: ConsoleOne to administer GroupWise user accounts and distribution lists and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to manage Active Directory. Everything is now managed through Active Directory. Changes, deletions or modifications made to users and groups in Active Directory are transparently synchronised to eDirectory/GroupWise. Just think of it, you can now manage GroupWise accounts and distribution lists with Microsoft Management Console (MMC).  Novell ConsoleOne is only required to run system tools and create/manage GroupWise domains, post offices, etc.

As an additional benefit, Riva Simplified Identity Integration allows you to use other non-Novell, non-GroupWise, Active Directory-only aware applications to manage GroupWise users and memberships. This is a new option for third-party developers and applications that need to manage eDirectory and GroupWise identities.

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