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What are your CIO's IT priorities for 2008?

The start of a new year provides an opportunity to review priorities, establish benchmarks and plan for the future. And what are CIOs' Top IT Priorities for 2008? The headline story of the January 3, 2008 edition of Ziff-Davis CIO Insight says it all, "CIOs Set to Cut Costs in 2008". You can read the full article at:

The CIO Insight article divides CIOs' priorities into three major sections: CIOs' Top Business Priorities, Top Management Priorities and Top IT Priorities for 2008. CIO Insight surveyed more than 250 IT executives about their top priorities and compares them to previous years. As CEO of Omni Technology Solutions Inc., I am pleased about just how well our eControl solution aligns with these priorities. So, just how has Omni managed to align eControl with CIOs' IT Prioirities? By listening to our customers and ensuring our solutions provide strategic value to corporate and public sector implementations of Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and mixed eDirectory and Active Directory networks.

According to CIO Insight, the Top 10 CIO IT Priorities for 2008 are:

  1. Creating or improving strategic applications
  2. Expanding IT infrastructure to keep up with growth
  3. Improving IT security and continuity
  4. Instituting a more flexible IT architecture
  5. Improving the quality of information
  6. Standardizing and consolidating IT infrastructure
  7. Discovering and deploying innovative technologies
  8. Improving the ROI of IT investments
  9. Reducing the complexity of information systems
  10. Replacing legacy systems

The rest of this article deals with how Omni's eControl helps CIOs achieve these objectives in Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and mixed Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory environments.

Omni eControl - Top 10 CIO IT Priorities

eControl helps achieve each of the Top 10 CIO IT priorities for 2008. eControl is a strategic application (1) that delivers delegated user account management, account creation and user self-service for Novell eDirectory, GroupWise and multiple and mixed Novell and Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange systems - from a single web portal. As IT infrastructure and account management requirements grow, CIOs are looking for applications that allow them to manage and keep up with that growth (2). eControl is a web-based solution that allows non-technical personnel to be assigned user management, account creation and user self-service tasks. It takes approximately 15 minutes to train new staff to use eControl's web-based interface to carry out these tasks. This provides immediate scalability to your user account management solution. Non-technical staff can carry out account management tasks at a fraction of the cost compared to highly trained, hard-to-find, IT personnel.

eControl allows you to remove all trustee assignments and permissions and guarantees users do not have unnecessary rights in your systems. eControl's "ZERO-Rights" implementation and comprehensive Audit Log improve IT security and continuity (3) and help you satisfy internal or external security compliance requirements. eControl creates a more flexible IT security solution to support growing IT architecture projects (4). eControl delivers a "ZERO-Rights" proxy implementation. eContol's Proxy Service carries out tasks on behalf of users who have NO administrative rights or permissions in your directory, file system or messaging systems.

One of eControl's greatest strengths is its ability to improve the quality of information (5) by standardizing and consolidating support for IT infrastructure (6). eControl is an innovative technology solution (7) that allows non-technical personnel and end users to be able to update eDirectory, Active Directory, GroupWise and Exchange account information through a single web portal. eControl allows access to viewing and changing extended eDirectory values that include SAP, PeopleSoft and other third-party application information. eControl's user self-service module allows end-users to carry out self management including password self-service for eDirectory, GroupWise, Active Directory and Exchange. eControl provides an immediate improvement on the ROI of IT investments (8). It requires three hours to install, configure and train administrators on how to manage eControl. eControl is a completely non-invasive installation. There are no services, NLMs or daemons that need to run on your destination systems.

eControl reduces the complexity of information systems (9) because the same interface is used to manage user accounts on all of your systems. Users do not need to be trained on the complexities of eDirectory, Active Directory, GroupWise and Exchange. eControl replaces complex, operating system specific, legacy user account management applications (10) like ConsoleOne, iManager, Microsoft Management Console and Taskpads for user account management.

So, whether you help manage a school network, a global enterprise or a public sector department for 500 to 50,000 users, eControl can help your CIO achieve his top IT Priorities for 2008. Use our Contact Us link to request a free, 30-day trial of eControl.

And what are customers saying about eControl? Check out the eControl Success Stories at:

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