A GroupWise First – Integrate eDirectory Values into GroupWise Signatures

Novell Cool Solutions Feature by Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

Do you need to standardize your GroupWise signatures by adding eDirectory values?

Standardizing corporate communication and messaging; satisfying corporate standards and regulatory compliance requirements; and providing local language signature content for international companies are just a few of the reasons companies are looking to include eDirectory information in GroupWise users' signatures.  

Riva GroupWise Managed Signature Module Now Available

Omni Technology Solutions' Riva GroupWise Managed Signatures module allows you to integrate eDirectory values into users' signatures. Customers are invited to register for a web seminar to learn how Riva's Managed Signature module allows you to manage GroupWise signature content.

How it Looks

The Managed Signatures interface allows you to configure signatures that are similar to the following format:

{First} {Last}
{Title}, {Department}
(URL Text)
Office: {Phone}
Fax: {Fax}
Mobile: {Mobile}

{Department Disclaimer}
Louis Dagneault
Director, Global Sales and Channel Strategy
Omni Technology Solutions Inc.
Office:  +1.408.675.5015 Ext. 232
Fax:  +1.780.423.4711
Mobile:  +1.780.707.1234

Le informazioni contenute in questa comunicazione e gli eventuali documenti allegati hanno carattere confidenziale e sono ad usoesclusivo del destinatario.Nel caso questa comunicazione Vi sia pervenuta per errore, Vi informiamoche la sua diffusione e riproduzione è contraria alla legge e Vipreghiamo di darci prontamente avviso e di cancellare quanto ricevuto.

How It Works

Riva Managed Signatures leverages the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture and custom eDirectory connectors to allow you to push eDirectory values into individual users' GroupWise signature blocks. Riva Managed Signatures integrate into the native signature features of the GroupWise Windows client - no changes are required on your servers.  No new software is required on the client.  Riva Managed Signatures is part of the Riva GroupWise Collaboration Integration Suite.

The Riva Managed Signature administration interface is used to identify and configure the eDirectory attribute values to be included in the signature and create the signature format. The interface provides flexibility to allow you to:

  • create multiple signatures and set the default signature
  • full support for HTML and logo insertion
  • provide the option to replace or ignore signatures with the same name
  • select the LDAP fields to include in the signature
  • add prefixes or suffixes to the LDAP fields
  • make fields "required". If required field values are not available for the signature, the signature line on which the field is included is removed from the signature
  • add text fields to the signature
  • insert blank fields into the signature
  • move fields up or down in the signature block
  • add language-specific disclaimers to each signature (requires user schema update)
  • select multiple users and preview their signature(s)
  • apply signature policies based on eDirectory group membership, parent container, post office or domain. In the above example, an Italian-language disclaimer
  • Windows client required.  Not compatible with GroupWise WebAccess or Cross Platform Linux and Macintosh clients.
After creating the managed signatures policies and previewing the results with a limited number of selected accounts, you can run a report to preview all signatures that will be managed by a specific policy. This is useful in identifying accounts that are missing eDirectory attribute values. These values can then be updated in ConsoleOne or bulk-updated using a third-party product like Omni's EMU - Enterprise Bulk User Import and Management Utility for Novell GroupWise and eDirectory.   

More Information about Riva

For more information about Riva, visit www.omni-ts.com or register for a Riva web seminar.


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