Introducing Access Controlled, Secure Distribution Lists for GroupWise

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By Omni Technology Solutions Inc.

Do you need to control who can send emails to GroupWise Distribution Lists? How about hiding GroupWise distribution list members? Interested in connecting a list of external accounts from a CSV to a secure distribution list? How about dynamically extracting email addresses from your human resources database or student information management database?

Riva's Secure Distribution Lists (SDL) takes GroupWise distribution list control and management to the next level.

How It Works

Omni Technology Solutions' Riva Secure Distribution Lists application allows you to control which accounts are authorised to send emails to secure distribution lists, manage distribution list membership visibility and include external email addresses in your system distribution lists. Customers are invited to register for a Riva web seminar or to view this On-demand Quick Tour Video to learn how Riva's Secure Distribution Lists module allows you to take distribution list management to the next level.

Riva's Secure Distribution Lists (SDL) module monitors secured distribution lists to "intercept" and process emails based on the SDL access control and distribution policy. SDL confirms whether the email sender is an authorised sender before recreating and distributing the email to the secured distribution list members based on the send parameters.

There are four major components to Riva Secure Distribution Lists module:
  • Access Control
  • Member Visibility
  • External Email Address Inclusion - based on CSV files
  • Dynamic Database-driven List Generation and Access Control - based on SQL queries

Distribution List Access Control

The Access Control List component provides a key management feature of Riva Secure Distribution Lists - the ability to control who has been assigned the right to send an email to the secured distribution list. Approved senders can be controlled by identifying individual eDirectory accounts, eDirectory groups, eDirectory containers, CSV files and the results of database queries. By defining who can send emails to secured distribution lists, you prevent users from sending unauthorised emails to sensitive or global distribution lists such as "Staff", "Managers", "Senior Executives", "Trustees", "Board Members", "All Teachers", "All Students", etc. You can configure the SDL module to forward emails sent by unapproved senders to the secure distribution list manager. This allows the SDL manager to approve and resend the email or otherwise follow up on the unapproved sender's email.

Distribution List Member Visibility

By default, GroupWise allows you to manage the visibility of a distribution list by configuring visibility to be System, Domain, Post Office or None. Riva SDL takes this basic restriction to the next level.  It provides the ability to hide all members of the distribution list from everyone except the SDL manager(s). Think of how controlling who can view distribution list membership increases security and enhances personnel and other confidentiality requirements (HIPAA, FOIP, etc.) for member-sensitive distribution lists.

External Email Address Inclusion - based on CSV files

One of the long-standing requests from GroupWise users is the need to include external email addresses as part of system-defined distribution lists and to control which external email accounts can send emails to distribution lists. How many companies, government departments, universities, colleges or school districts would like to have system-defined distribution lists that include email addresses for employees, customers, faculty, staff or students who are on external email systems? By linking secured distribution lists to CSV files, SDL allows you to satisfy this critical business process requirement. How much more responsive would your communication processes be if requests to subscribe to your newsletter on your web site were automatically added to a CSV file associated with a secured distribution list?

Dynamic Database-driven List Generation and Access Control - based on SQL queries

Imagine being able to link GroupWise distribution lists to SQL database queries and have those queries dynamically populate your secure distribution lists!

A company could create secure distribution lists for different customer categories or regions. A school district could create different secure distribution lists for different combinations of target accounts - AND NEVER WORRY ABOUT the distribution lists being out of date! You could create secure distribution lists based on your student information management system for all high school students, all junior high students, all science teachers, all students on sports teams, all vice principals, the grade six students at X school, etc. And then, you could control who can send emails to those lists. So, only the principal of a school could send an email to all of the parents in his school or only the football team coach could send emails to the members of his team or his team members' parents. Connecting SQL queries to secure GroupWise distribution lists is an amazing powerful email control solution.

Just think of the Power of Simplicity that Riva's Secure Distribution Lists provides when your distribution lists are automatically generated and secured based on information from your web site, ERP, HR database, student management system or any external database system. Think of the possibilities!

More Information about Riva Secure Distribution Lists Module

So whether you're a GroupWise administrator; a communications directory; a security administrator for a small company; an IT manager for a school district, university or government department; or the manager of a global messaging and collaboration team; register for a Riva web seminar to learn more about how Riva's GroupWise Secure Distribution Lists module can help improve your GroupWise communications or view this On-demand Riva SDL Quick Tour.

More Information about Riva

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