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Riva Policies for GroupWise

  1. Managed Calendars
  2. Managed Proxy Access
  3. Managed Rules
  4. Managed Folders
  5. Managed Address Books
  6. Managed Categories
  7. Folder Create
  8. Birthday Reminders
  9. Password Expiry Reminder Email
  10. GWIA Internet Address Clean-up
  11. Riva Support Files

Managed Calendars

Riva's GroupWise Managed Calendar module allows you to "push" calendar events, reminder notes and tasks to your users' GroupWise calendars. GroupWise CCU benefits businesses and organisations that need to add managed calendar entries (semester start and ends dates, statutory holidays, business events, department calendars, etc.) to selected user calendars. Read about how some of our customers use Riva Managed Calendars to push shared calendar information to BlackBerry and GroupWise Mobile Server devices and meet their other calendaring needs:  Contra Costa County Office of Education, Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69 and Paragon Title & Escrow Company.

Managed Proxy Access

We developed Riva's Managed GroupWise Proxy Access module to enhance email security reporting compliance. Many organisations require GroupWise administrators to have proxy rights to users' GroupWise accounts. Our GroupWise Proxy Access module allows these organisations to push proxy settings into multiple users' accounts from a single administration workstation. Different proxy settings can be applied to users based on eDirectory group or container memberships.

Managed Rules

Riva's Managed Rules policy allows administrators to define and manage a common set of GroupWise rules for individual GroupWise accounts, members of a group and the entire organisation.

Managed Folders

The Managed Folders module allows you to select a folder structure (shared or unshared folders) in a source account and "push" that structure (one or more) to your destinations.

Destination options include:
  • Creating the folders as shared folders and automatically accepting them into the destination(s)
  • Automatically maintaining the shared folder structure
  • Automatically re-creating shared folders that were deleted by the user
  • Removing access from shared folders
  • Creating the folder structure(s) wihout sharing the contents
  • Removing folders (including shares, content and sub-folders) from the destination(s).

Managed Address Books

The Managed Address Book module allows administrators to distribute and manage GroupWise address books to GroupWise users.

Managed Categories

The Managed Categories module allows you to standardise, create and push common categories out to user accounts.

Folder Create

The Folder Create module allows administrators to add new folders immediately below the “Root” and “Cabinet” objects in the destination GroupWise accounts. Folder Create policies can be used to delete existing folders in destination GroupWise accounts including folders not originally created using a Folder Create policy.

Birthday Reminders

If your users record key contact birthdays in their address books, Riva's Birthday Reminder module will extract that information and add a birthday reminder note into their GroupWise calendar.

Password Expiry Reminder Email

Use this module to automate sending an eDirectory password expiry email to your users.

GWIA Internet Address Clean-up

Do you need to clean up old GWIA Internet gateway address information left over from your migration to GroupWise Native Internet Addressing? Riva's GWIA Internet Address Clean-up module uses a Trusted Application to allow an administrator to remove all unnecessary gateway information, prefixes and suffixes that cause your users' address book entries to fail. GWIA Gateway Cleaner cleans up account address information, whether the account is accessed with a Macintosh, Linux or Windows GroupWise client.

Riva Support Files

Available for download is our Riva Support Files which contain prebuilt calendar files for US and Canada for 2009 and 2010 that can be used with Riva managed calendar policies, and a sample set of files to test the GWIA Internet Address Cleanup policy.

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