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Since 1999, Omni Technology Solutions has helped Microsoft and Novell customers increase the return on their Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory and GroupWise investments.

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Enterprise Management and Integration Solutions

Riva CRM Integration for GroupWise
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Riva CRM Integration

Server-side CRM Integration for Exchange and GroupWise
Deliver transparent, server-side, two-way synchronization of address book, calendar and sales data between Exchange, GroupWise AND Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle CRM, SugarCRM, SageCRM, Saleslogix, NetSuite, GoldMine, info@hand and others. View, edit and delete CRM opportunities and support cases directly from your email client. Archive emails in your CRM and more. Choose from Riva On-Premise, Riva Live and the Riva Hosted Editions.
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Simplified Alternative to MMC, ConsoleOne and iManager
Remove all administrator rights from your help desk staff and junior administrators. Securely delegate user account management, provisioning, self-service and audit tasks in Microsoft, Novell and mixed Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory and GroupWise systems – NO Rights required and NO access to Microsoft Mangement Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne or iManager. Users only require a web browser.
Riva Collaboration
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Riva for GroupWise

Policy-based, Automated GroupWise Management
Omni's Riva Collaboration Integration Platform is a powerful set of policy-based, automated Modules, Applications and Reports that allow administrators to manage GroupWise accounts and content like never before. Push managed GroupWise resources to user accounts (e.g., calendars, address books, proxy access, rules, folders). Create dynamic and secure distribution lists. Provide quick and easy access to GroupWise reports.
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Enterprise Management Utility (EMU)

Bulk User Account Management for eDirectory and GroupWise
EMU delivers the ultimate tool to bulk ceate, modify, manage, import, or delete thousands of eDirectory or GroupWise users in a single session. Update extended schema values or eDirectory and GroupWise passwords, group membership, distribution lists and much more. Need to delete eDirectory and GroupWise accounts and home directories for users who haven't accessed their accounts in the last 120 days, EMU is the tool for you.
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Publish HTML Web Calendars Based on GroupWise Accounts
Create HTML web calendars based on GroupWise or Outlook calendar entries and have them be automatically updated on a scheduled basis. Easily combine multiple accounts and resources to create a complete web calendar solution. CCUweb even allows users to import entries directly into their desktop GroupWise or Outlook client from your website.

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