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Fordham University School of Law

“We are happy that we no longer need to switch back and forth between Microsoft Management Console, iManager and ConsoleOne to manage user identities in our Novell and Microsoft systems. eControl provides a unified identity management solution that saves valuable administrator time, reduces administration complexity and keeps all our systems and modifications under control."
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University Hospital of Würzburg

"With less than 10 minutes of training, I can teach a new helpdesk staff member, teacher or secretary how to use eControl to reset student passwords, release intruder lockout, manage group memberships, manage print queues, and more—with no access to ConsoleOne or iManager and no administrator rights in the network," said Brett Kluiber, Network Technology Coordinator for Sandusky City Schools.  Read more »

Frankfort Schools Use eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts

"We have been very excited to delegate the responsibility to provision eDirectory and GroupWise user accounts to front-line staff so they don't have to wait for us," said Teresa Kratzer, Technology Supervisor for Beech Grove City Schools. "They can now successfully carry out these tasks with zero rights. As far as ease of use, I don't think eControl's point-and-click web-based interface could be any simpler." Read more »

Frankfort Schools Use eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts

"eControl has been a lifesaver! It is the perfect solution for allowing non-technical staff and teachers to manage student accounts on both the Novell eDirectory and Microsoft Active Directory sides," said Greg Long, IT Director for Community Schools of Frankfort. "I wish I had known about eControl a long time ago."  Read more »

Frankfort Schools Use eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts

The City of Greater Sudbury deployed eControl to enable their front-line staff to manage 1,400 user accounts in 150 physical locations without any administrator or supervisor rights required in Novell GroupWise, eDirectory or the file system. All changes made in eControl are written to an audit log.  Read more »

City Government Simplifies Novell Identity and GroupWise User Account Management with Omni eControl

A multinational marketing company is upgrading to eControl 2.5 to provide delegated user account management for the network systems it acquires during its agressive growth through acquisition strategy.  Read more »

Multinational Company Deploys eControl to Manage Growth and Prepare for Novell Identity Manager 3

A leading global retailer has deployed eControl to enhance its Novell Identity Manager implementation. The company enjoys one of the largest and most efficient networks in its industry, with approximately 5,500 stores worldwide.  Read more »

eControl Enhances Novell Identity Manager Implementation

Rockford Corporation uses eControl to enhance their Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) security compliance. eControl allows Rockford's Help Desk and junior administrators to carry out delegated user administration and management tasks from a web browser – with no trustee assignments in Novell GroupWise, eDirectory or the file system.  Read more »

Rockford Corporation Logo

Pendergast Elementary School District chose EMU and eControl to provide bulk user management and delegated account administration services to its large network. "The results were phenomenal! Within a few hours, we had created 3,500 user accounts and configured all of their NDS and GroupWise information."  Read more »

Wilfrid Laurier University deployed eControl to be able to delegate user account management tasks in GroupWise, eDirectory and NetMail to junior administrators and non-technical staff – without having to grant them supervisor rights. With eControl, these users can carry out "tier-one" eDirectory, NetMail and GroupWise account management tasks without compromising system security and without the complexities of ConsoleOne, NWAdmin and iManager. Read more »

Riva Integration Server

Better Place Australia implemented Riva Integration Server from Omni to automatically synchronize Salesforce information to executives' BlackBerry devices and to Microsoft Outlook. Riva replaced the Outlook plug-in for Salesforce that needed to be installed, configured and managed on each user's mobile device, desktop and laptop.  Read more »

Better Place Australia Logo

"Riva Integration Server is brilliant! It has allowed our students' calendars to be synchronized from SCT PowerCAMPUS to their GroupWise accounts. The information is now available in a single location. Riva is considered an essential service by staff, faculty and students."  Read more »

Landmark College Logo

"We wanted team members to be able to access all of their project information, including email, from the SharePoint Portal," said Leo Silva, Project Controls Manager at HNTB. "Since native integration is not available for GroupWise and SharePoint, we looked for alternative options and discovered Riva Integration Server from Omni."  Read more »


Riva Integration Server has significantly reduced the amount of time GWAVA's sales team spends manually logging emails, contacts and calendar information in Salesforce by providing advanced, server-side integration and interoperability between GroupWise and Salesforce.  Read more »


"Riva CRM Integration for info@hand and GroupWise is absolutely fantastic!" said Marcus Svensson, Business Development Manager for CPU Consultores. "We will never move from GroupWise based on the power of Riva CRM Integration. Riva delivers much better integration than the Outlook connectors I have used in the past for Microsoft Exchange and other CRM systems."
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CPU Consultores

"Riva turns GroupWise into a unified email, collaboration and CRM client," said Jacques Sauvé, president of Adaris Technologies. "It literally has turned GroupWise into our most powerful sales tool. Our sales staff and project managers can now work in GroupWise and access their CRM data — running on their PC, Mac, Linux desktop, WebAccess client and BlackBerry."
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Adaris Technologies

Riva Mailbox Management

"We recently migrated from Exchange to GroupWise to harmonise on a common messaging and collaboration system," said Simon Turner, ICT Manager for the Vale of White Horse District Council and South Oxfordshire District Council. "Riva Identity Integration from Omni has enabled our Active Directory administrators to manage their new GroupWise accounts from Active Directory instead of having to learn how to use Novell's native tools."  Read more »

Vale of White Horse District Council Logo

We highly recommend Riva to Columbia Bank and our other GroupWise clients for automating multiple collaboration aspects of Novell GroupWise – GroupWise shared folders, address books, rules, proxy access, calendars and more," said Robert Piro, President of Online Insight, a leading provider of Email Consulting Services."  Read more »

Columbia Bank Logo

"The new Riva Managed Calendar module is phenomenal!" said Keith Shaffer, Director of Technology at Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69. "We've been waiting for the ability to push GroupWise calendars to our users for a long time. I'm thrilled, our principals are thrilled, and our teachers are thrilled—thank you!"
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Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69 Logo

CCCOE's GroupWise users had been asking for holiday schedules, events, meetings and other items to be pushed out to their accounts for a couple of years. With Riva's new Managed Calendar module, they were finally able to make it happen. They are now implementing Riva's Managed Proxy Access module.
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Paragon Title & Escrow Logo

Paragon Title & Escrow's attorneys needed access to a business-critical shared calendar from their mobile devices. Novell GroupWise Mobile Server, however, doesn't support shared calendars. The solution — Paragon Title used Riva CCU to push out public Settlements calendar data to their attorneys' private calendars. GroupWise Mobile Server then synchronized the calendar data normally.  Read more »

Paragon Title & Escrow Logo


"Omni's Enterprise Management Utility is the best tool I've ever seen for bulk creating, modifying, managing and deleting thousands of eDirectory and GroupWise accounts at the same time," said Brett Kluiber, Network Technology Coordinator for Sandusky City Schools. "In addition to using EMU to create our 4,000 student accounts in an afternoon at the beginning of the school year, EMU saves us a lot of time for moving student accounts across servers and enforcing stricter password policies for students in the higher grades.  Read more »

Frankfort Schools Use eControl to Manage eDirectory and Active Directory Student Accounts

"EMU is the best tool we have ever used for bulk importing, creating, managing and deleting Novell GroupWise and eDirectory accounts for our staff and students," said Tom Hannigan, Computer Systems Administrator for Kristelig Gymnasium. "EMU is priced competitively and is simple to use. I highly recommend it to other K-12 schools." Read more »

Kristelig Gymnasium

Bulk creating and modifying Mac OS X home directories on NetWare and OES was critical to daily operations for Savannah Country Day School. Once again, EMU met and exceeded their expectations. Read more »

Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Logo

Metropolitan Community College has used Novell Identity Manager since 2003 to provision and synchronize their 150,000 user accounts. But they still find that Omni's bulk user account management tool (EMU) comes in handy for doing mass updates and clean-up work on their systems. Read more »

Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Logo

Like many Novell school districts, Stoneybrooke Christian Schools needed a more efficient way to import and manage their student accounts. Stoneybrooke uses EMU to quickly and easily import and manage their students' eDirectory and GroupWise accounts.
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Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Logo

Victor Central School District needed a more effective GroupWise and eDirectory user account management tool to bulk import, modify, delete and manage student accounts during peak school year periods.  Read more »

Victor Central School District Logo

Pendergast Elementary School District chose EMU and eControl to provide bulk user management and delegated account administration services to its large network. "The results were phenomenal! Within a few hours, we had created 3,500 user accounts and configured all of their NDS and GroupWise information."  Read more »

Userful Multiplier

By pioneering Omni's "Multiplied" SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy, Danville School District 118 has reduced the cost of their Linux desktop hardware costs by 50%, their electricity costs by 62%, and saved the district thousands of dollars on costly Internet drops, switches, network wiring and other infrastructure and support costs.  Read more »

Danville School District 118 Logo

"We were facing a costly upgrade to Microsoft Vista in our keyboarding and testing labs from both a software and hardware perspective," said Karl Buchanan, Technology Director for Wasatch County School District. "Our fixed budget simply couldn't stretch to meet the growing demands for computers among our students. That's when we took a serious look at Multi-station SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops."  Read more »

Wasatch County School District Logo

"Rather than deploying a single computer lab of 20 or 25 computers, we were able to use the Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Strategy to maximize our inACCESS funding and deploy over 100 stations," said Greg Long, IT Director for Community Schools of Frankfort. "This has served to improve our computer-to-student ratio and get Linux and open source technologies into our schools."  Read more »

Community Schools of Frankfort, Indiana

Rather than deploying single-user SLED 10 desktops, UNM's Office of Contract Archeology is championing the use of "Multiplied" SLED 10 desktops. The Linux Desktop Multiplier for SLED 10 enables UNM to deploy six fully independent user desktops on each repurposed Intel-based PC.  Read more »

SLED 10 Computer Lab

"Userful Multiplier is dramatically improving our ability to process social grant applications from rural sites that are desperately lacking in IT infrastructure," said Jabulani Makondo, head of SASSA IT Operations in Pretoria. "Even urban SASSA sites faced with budget constraints are considering the viability of converting their stand-alone computers to Multi-station Linux desktops using this cost-effective desktop model."  Read more »


South Africa's North West Province is taking a leadership role in helping their students cross the digital divide. They were looking for the best way to deploy 2,205 desktop computers in 105 of their schools' computer labs. The solution – Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop operating system with the Linux Desktop Multiplier.  Read more »

North West Province Logo

loveLife used the Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy to deploy full-featured desktops in its youth centres. The strategy enabled loveLife to stretch its limited desktop budget and bridge the digital divide for more South African youth.
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loveLife Logo

"What really blew me away about this Multi-station Linux Desktop Strategy was the opportunity to reduce our energy costs," said Joel Ward, Director of the Knox County Academy Evening School. "The energy savings alone have been phenomenal. Only a fraction of the electricity is required, because we now just power a single physical PC that is shared among four or eight students."
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Community Schools of Frankfort, Indiana

Homewood Health Centre wanted to provide computer access for patients in its library. Rather than going with costly Windows desktops, they were intrigued by the Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop strategy. Using this strategy, they deployed
4-user Multiplied SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops and reduced their hardware, management and electricity costs.  Read more »

Homewood Health Centre Logo

Moodle Course Management

Birchwood Art Gallery was always running into virus and spyware infections when they were using Windows 98 and Windows XP. Birchwood Art Gallery now runs Novell's secure SUSE Linux Desktop with the Linux Desktop Multiplier. Win4Lin Pro Desktop allows them to run Simply Accounting on Linux.  Read more »

Birchwood Art Gallery Logo

How do you quickly and cost effectively install and configure a Linux Internet Café at a major technology trade show? GWAVA solved this challenge with the Linux Desktop Multiplier for SLED 10 at GWAVACon Dallas.  Read more »



North Kansas City School District uses CCUweb to share 75 GroupWise calendars on the web. CCUweb allows the entire district to enter information once in GroupWise, then share it across multiple web calendars that are published automatically on regular intervals.  Read more »

North Kansas City Schools Logo

In 2002, Weber School District migrated to the Novell GroupWise email and collaboration system. GroupWise has exceeded most of the school district's needs, except in the area of web calendars. Having been long-time users of Omni's Enterprise Management Utility (EMU), they decided to use CCUweb to share their 50 GroupWise calendars on-line.  Read more »

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