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Columbia Bank Innovates and Saves with Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise

Columbia Bank Innovates and Saves with
Riva Managed Policies for GroupWise

"We highly recommend Riva to Columbia Bank and our other GroupWise clients for automating multiple collaboration aspects of Novell GroupWise – GroupWise shared folders, address books, rules, proxy access, calendars and more," said Robert Piro, President of Online Insight, a leading provider of Email Consulting Services."


Columbia Bank, one of Online Insight's banking customers, is the third-largest independent mutual bank in the United States with over $4.5 billion in assets and has 44 full-service branches.

The Challenge

In banking environments, staff require access to shared email and document folders to communicate and collaborate with other team members. This can pose a bit of a challenge for network administrators who need to manage these shared folders for hundreds or thousands of employees as they get hired, change Post Offices or leave the company. Columbia Bank's IT Team, for example, manages a large network spread across over the State of New Jersey.

"Novell GroupWise is a tremendous email collaboration system," said Robert Piro, President of Online Insight. "However, there are some partner enhancement solutions such as Riva from Omni that add huge value in terms of GroupWise content automation. For example, it was very important for our clients to find a more efficient way to manage shared GroupWise folders and reduce the amount of time spent on manually distributing and removing shared folders and sub-folders. It was also important to automate other collaboration aspects of GroupWise, such as automatically pushing holidays and pushing out shared folders with multiple sub-folders."

The Solution

"Online Insight researched and evaluated a few GroupWise solutions and, ultimately, determined that Riva from Omni was the best fit for Columbia's GroupWise content management needs," said Piro. "Riva provides all the Managed GroupWise Policies needed in a single, low-cost bundle – everything from Riva Managed Calendars and Proxy to Managed Address Books and Folders."

"What's nice is the ability to create policies that can be executed automatically on regular intervals rather than requiring manual effort. For example, one of our Riva Managed Calendar policies automatically merges nine separate training room calendars across four different branches every hour and saves on manual double-entry of data. I also like the ability to import calendar entries from a comma delimited file and distribute them to individuals, groups of users or our entire Tree."

"Riva may be a bit of a learning curve, but the flexibility and power of the solution is well worth it. Plus, Omni's support is second to none if you run into any challenges. Other solutions we evaluated were a bit easier to get up and running, but were really limited in their functionality."

The Results

"I definitely recommend Riva to GroupWise administrators," said Piro. "At Columbia Bank, it has improved their ability to manage GroupWise user content more efficiently and the return on their investment was immediate."

"You will really like the ability to create a Riva Managed Policy for GroupWise once and run it again manually or automatically based on the Riva Scheduler."

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