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Rockford Corporation Uses eControl to Enhance Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance by Delegating Account Administration for Novell eDirectory and GroupWise Operations

eControl allows Rockford's Help Desk and junior administrators carry out delegated user administration and management tasks from a web browser – with no trustee assignments in Novell GroupWise, eDirectory or the file system.


Based in Tempe, Arizona, the Rockford Corporation (NASDAQ:ROFO) is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ that designs, markets, sells and distributes mobile audio products world-wide.

Rockford's products are distributed under the brand names ROCKFORD FOSGATE®, ROCKFORD ACOUSTIC DESIGN®, LIGHTNING AUDIO® and INSTALLEDGE.COM®. Rockford Fosgate products are the most popular in car audio, prized for their rugged high performance and reliability.

The Challenges

In 2002, Rockford Corporation was seeking a solution that would allow their IT support team to securely delegate account administration without having to deal with the complexity of ConsoleOne to support Novell eDirectory and GroupWise. Rockford purchased Omni’s workstation-based Help Desk Utility (HDU), because it allowed the Help Desk team members and junior administrators to perform user account management tasks from a restricted Windows application.

While HDU allowed Rockford to reduce the amount of time senior administrators spent performing routine tasks, HDU still required that users be given eDirectory and GroupWise trustee assignments. As a publicly-traded company, this was no longer an option for Rockford due to Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. In order to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, Rockford needed to remove excessive and multiple administrator rights from their messaging and file systems, yet still provide a way for junior administrators to carry out user account management tasks with no trustee assignments.

Rockford implemented eControl to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and to enable secure delegated user account administration processes. eControl proved to be superior to HDU, and to all native administration tools, because it uses a web-based “ZERO Rights” user administration delegation strategy.

eControl enables user account management and provisioning to be carried out by non-technical users from a browser, without requiring any trustee assignments in eDirectory, GroupWise or the file system.

The Solution

“The primary reason we upgraded to eControl,” says Chris Duffy, IT Director for Rockford Corporation, “was to take advantage of eControl's 'ZERO Rights', web-based deployment and complete flexibility in determining which users can carry out which delegated user account administration and management tasks. It took approximately three hours to get eControl installed, configured and our junior administrators trained on how to configure and manage our user accounts in eControl.”


“Since installing eControl in June 2003, it has worked flawlessly for us,” continues Duffy. “eControl paid for itself almost immediately by allowing us to have our senior technical staff focus on high-end, value-added technology integration rather than deal with day-to-day user administration tasks.

With eControl, user management tasks can be carried out by delegated staff members from any workstation. Our manufacturing environment department works 24 hours a day, 6 days per week. By training our production team leaders how to use eControl to change passwords, unlock intruder lockout and other user account change functions, we were able to extend Help Desk functions without adding or training new staff.

This has eliminated downtime, because our IT Help Desk staff get the rest they need! eControl has provided tremendous flexibility in how we provide user account management functions. With eControl, we are no longer concerned about information security or loss of data because there are no excessive supervisor rights on our systems. eControl has allowed Rockford to respond in real time to user account change requests.

One side benefit that we really appreciate about eControl is the fact that it takes less than 15 minutes to train a new staff member on how to use it. The time savings on training alone has been well worth the cost of eControl. More important than the cost savings, however, is the fact that eControl’s “ZERO Rights” strategy and complete audit trail have allowed us to enhance our Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and provide complete security – something that could not be attained with the native Novell user account management tools.

We recommend eControl to any company that wants to better leverage their Novell eDirectory and GroupWise technology investment. "

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