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LDS Business College

Todd Burris, Technology Support Representative

"We are very happy with the support Omni has provided us. All of our questions have been addressed professionally and timely. We are extremely pleased with eControl. Our help desk crew love it. We anticipate a much smoother start to fall semester now that we have this valuable tool."

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Community Schools of Frankfort

Greg Long, Director of Technology

"Recently I required all of the middle school students to use a unique user name and password. Well, the backlash from this was that the students could not remember their passwords, etc... and my tech team was spending hours upon hours reseting passwords. Not to mention class/instruction time for the students lost because they were spending/waiting about 1/2 of their class period just trying to get logged in!

My solution is eControl! Using eControl, I can select the teachers that have the ability to reset passwords (only reset passwords) for only the specific eDir container or group that I see fit! No access to C1 or no need to setup complicated organizational roles, etc... The teachers can't mess anything up, because the interface (a simple web page) doesn't give them any option to do so!

The simplicity is awesome! I love it!! My techs are actually using it instead of C1 for most of their user account functionality."

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City of St Petersburg

Judy Owen, Computer Systems Manager

It is the City’s expectation that all vendors perform at or above an overall rating of “Good”. The feedback received was very positive and your firm received an average rating of “Excellent”. This rating indicates a commitment to quality in the performance of your responsibilities under the Agreement. Keep up the good work! Omni achieved an overall performance rating of 9.33.

Product/Service Quality (Rework, Rejections, Returns, Subs) 9.00 Excellent
Accessibility/Responsiveness (Availability, Easy to Contact, Call Backs, Quote Requests) 9.00 Excellent
Documentation (Record Keeping, Invoicing) 9.00 Excellent
Delivery Schedule (Dependability, Timeliness) 9.00 Excellent
Skills (Competence, Expertise, Safety) 9.00 Excellent
Creativity & Innovation (Problem Solving, Foresight) 10.00 Excellent
Customer Interfaces (Courteous, Professional) 10.00 Excellent
Value (Fair Balance of Economy & Quality) 10.00 Excellent
Flexibility (Changes in Volume, Delivery, Product Mix/Scope) 9.00 Excellent

eControl »

City of Greater Sudbury

Vic Liimatainen, Senior Support Technician

"Our IT team, front-line staff and upper management are thrilled with eControl. eControl's return on investment is immediate. Tasks that would have otherwise taken 30 minutes to complete in ConsoleOne, now take our front line only a few minutes. The audit piece really pleased our security auditors. In addition to reducing the number of users with administrative and supervisor rights in our systems, eControl also provides a full audit trail of all user account management changes."

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Rockford Corporation

Chris Duffy, IT Director

“Since installing eControl, it has worked flawlessly for us. eControl paid for itself almost immediately by allowing us to have our senior technical staff focus on high-end, value-added technology integration rather than deal with day-to-day user management tasks. We recommend eControl to any company that wants to better leverage their Novell eDirectory and GroupWise technology investment."

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eControl »

Wilfrid Laurier University

Andrzej Gadomski, Manager, Client Services of Information Technology Services

"eControl helped create a win WIN, WIN, WIN situation for our students, staff, Help Desk staff and network security staff. With the custom changes to eControl, we were able to immediately simplify what was otherwise an arduous and complex process. I strongly recommend eControl and Omni Technology Solutions to all universities and colleges looking to simplify their user account administration for Novell, GroupWise and NetMail. It has been a great experience for us."

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Riva Collaboration Integration Suite

Canadian University College

Colin J. W. Hill, Director Computer Services

"Publishing HTML calendars to our website with CCUweb is completely transparent to our team. We simply update the account calendars using GroupWise and CCUweb 'auto-magically' publishes them to the web on scheduled intervals. No user intervention or training required."

Riva GroupWise Integration »

Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69, Illinois

Keith Shaffer, Director of Technology

"The new Riva Common Calendar Module is phenomenal!" said Keith Shaffer, Director of Technology at Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69. "We've been waiting for the ability to push GroupWise calendars to our users for a long time. I'm thrilled, our principals are thrilled, and our teachers are thrilled – thank you!"

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Riva GroupWise Integration »

Contra Costa County Office of Education, California

Warren Stewart, Network Projects Manager

"Our school district is a long- term user of Omni's GroupWise Common Calendar Utility," said Warren Stewart, Network Project Manager for Contra Costa County Office of Education in northern California. " We have used CCU for the last three years to 'pull' school and event calendars into our staff and student GroupWise calendars. CCU version 2, powered by Riva, gives me the ability to 'push' this information to user accounts with much better flexibility and granularity. The Riva installation wizards are a breeze. The intuitive interface makes it easy to create and manage multiple policies. I am already making plans to incorporate additional Riva modules into our GroupWise administration strategy."

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Riva GroupWise Integration »

Enterprise Management Utility (EMU)

Argos Community Schools

Aron Leeper, Director of Technology

"SWEET! I love this product! I just added 450 accounts in about 45 seconds!"


Ovid-Elsie Area Schools

Michael J. Conway, Technology Director

"EMU is an unbelievable time saver for me. Its ROI is very fast!"


Upper St. Clair School District

Paul Jaglowski, Software Support Specialist

"Somehow our users' home directory mapping got wiped out. Rather than deleting and re-creating the accounts, we were able to use EMU from Omni to re-link the home directories to the student accounts and modify the home directories to re-assign Trustee assignments. EMU and Omni's support team are fantastic!"


Thompson School District R2-J

Jason Brake, Network Systems Engineer

"Thank you, Omni, for all your help and timely response to my support issue. I also want to applaud you on your EMU product. It has saved us too many times to count for bulk managing our user accounts."


Metropolitan Community College

Jim Beachner, Senior Network Engineer

"At Metropolitan Community College, where we have over 150,000 accounts to manage, EMU serves as an excellent complement to Novell Identity Manager. We find that when nothing else works, nine out of ten times EMU will do the job."

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Pendergast Elementary School District

John Moreno, MIS Director

"We were faced with the daunting challenge of creating and managing 3,500 accounts–almost overnight. Imagine sitting down with a list of 3,500 names and needint to create network and GroupWise accounts, set group memberships, modify passwords, modify account creation, create home directories, create volume restrictions, create GroupWise Distribution Lists and manage GroupWise visibility. We discovered EMU. The results have been phenomenal."

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Victor Central School District

Dave Henderson, Director of Computer Services

“We have been very happy with EMU. Transitioning student home directories to a different server has become much easier with EMU. The biggest benefit of using EMU is the significant time savings. What would have taken several hours using Novell user account management tools, now takes a few minutes with EMU!"

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Stoneybrooke Christian Schools

Kevin Garibaldi, IT Manager

"This is one of the few programs I can say works 100%. Because EMU automates the process of user account creation and management, there are very few, if any, human errors that are made. Misspelled names, forgetting to set directory permissions, having to create hundreds of passwords, etc. are a thing of the past. I simply don't run into those problems anymore. EMU is a small IT department's dream."

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Yellowknife School District #1

Martin Male, Manager, Information Technology Services

"We saved a week worth of time creating 750 student accounts with EMU. This powerful bulk user management tool for GroupWise and eDirectory works like a charm!"


Linux Desktop Multiplier

Homewood Health Centre

Chris Giles, Network Analyst

"We highly recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the Linux Desktop Multiplier to other health care facilities that are looking to maximize their desktop budget," said Giles. "Patients here are very happy with the new systems and the transition has been very smooth – and quite fun, in fact."

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Linux Desktop Multiplier »

Danville School District

Christel Powell, Manager of Information System

"With Omni's Multiplied Linux Desktop Strategy, we have implemented a solution that allows up to 10 students to work at the same time on a single Linux PC. We used SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and the Linux Desktop Multiplier, powered by Userful, to effectively eliminate the hardware, maintenance, electricity and infrastructure costs associated with 9 out of every 10 physical PCs."

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Linux Desktop Multiplier »


Richard Bliss, VP of Marketing

"In the past, GWAVA has installed and configured multiple individual machines to deliver our Internet café service. After seeing the Linux Desktop Multiplier for SLED 10 successfully used to provide the Internet café at the GroupWiseR European Summit, we decided to use that solution for GWAVACon this year."

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Linux Desktop Multiplier »

Birchwood Art Gallery

Mike Ducharme, IT Consultant

"Birchwood Art Gallery was always running into virus and spyware infections when they were using Windows 98 and Windows XP. The security of Novell's SUSE Linux Desktop provides peace of mind to staff, allowing them to carry out their work activities without fear of virus or spyware infestation. Additionally, the Linux Desktop Multiplier cut the hardware costs in half and Win4Lin Pro Desktop provided Windows compatibility to run their Simply Accounting package."

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Linux Desktop Multiplier »

UPAEP, Tehuacán Campus

Jorge Huerta, Thesis Student

"We sure appreciate Omni's help in getting our Moodle Course Management system up and running on our 'Multiplied' SLED 10 desktops. We had a pretty tight deadline to meet before our training for professors and students started. I would certainly recommend the Linux Desktop Multiplier for other schools who want to deploy Linux desktops in computer labs or e-learning environments like ours."

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North Kansas City School District

Janet Herdman, Executive Director, Information & Technology Services

"With CCUweb, we enter our GroupWise calendar information once, and then share it across 75 web calendars and media platforms. Information shared with our district stakeholders remains up-to-date and consistent, and yet is customized to the needs of staff, students, parents and patrons.”

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Weber School District

Alex Korkishko, Systems Administrator

"With CCUweb, we can create and dynamically update multiple GroupWise web calendars with ease. CCUweb has grown from publishing four initial calendars to over 50 publicly-viewed GroupWise calendars for each of our schools."

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Linn-Benton Community College, Albany, Oregon

Joanne Secrest, Business Development Center

"What a cost-saving, value-added product we've secured from Omni in the way of utilizing GWemailer for our mass mailing via e-mail. Their support staff has answered our questions and met our needs to the fullest. Thank you Omni!"

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Technical Support

Tabor College, Kansas

Chris Glanzer, Director of IT

"I would like to thank your for your superb customer service yesterday. Thank you very was a refreshing experience."

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