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Software Upgrade and Support Contracts

The purchase price of each of our products includes 12 months of software upgrades and support. Additional software upgrade and support are 30% of the purchase price, renewable annually. While your software upgrades and support contract is valid, you receive:

  • Free upgrades to any new major or minor releases of the product
  • Free forum support
  • Free phone support
  • Free email support
After your software upgrade and support contract expires, the following support policy applies:

  • No upgrades to new releases of the product (major or minor)
  • Free forum support
  • Phone support: $150.00 US per hour, minimum 15 minutes (pre-approved credit card required)
  • Email support: $150.00 US per hour, minimum 15 minutes per email (pre-approved credit card required)

The biggest benefit of having a current support contract is knowing the product will continue to be updated to reflect customer needs and changes to your directory and mail systems.

Additional Licence Purchases

Additional licences can be purchased at any time during a valid software upgrade and support contract. The new licences will have the same support contract expiry date as exists with the existing contract. If a new release has occurred, a valid software upgrade and support contract must be in place to purchase new licences.

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We only consider our products to be a success if you are satisifed. Omni prides itself on delivering excellent customer support.

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