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Publish GroupWise Calendars to the Web

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About CCUweb

Publishing multiple GroupWise calendars on-line – along with reminders, notes, tasks, appointments and even attachments – has never been easier! Use CCUweb to export your GroupWise calendars to the web in minutes.

CCUweb is ideal for school districts, universities, government departments, law firms, church groups and communities. You can now use CCUweb to share calendar information, meeting agendas, class assignments and other attachments. The best part is you only need to communicate this information once and everyone is kept up-to-date.


Featured Highlights

  • Publish GroupWise calendars online (no scripting or databases required)
  • Create a single web calendar or link multiple calendars together
  • Import appointments, calendar items, notes, tasks and even attachments directly into GroupWise or Outlook
  • Import on-line resources for national holidays, languages and custom graphics
  • Resource files for 2009 and 2010 are now available for download
  • Includes CCU Admin Tool to create and modify calendar resource files
  • Now available, a revised CCUweb Setup and User Guide with 10 extra pages on building multiple calendar projects
  • Attach files to your calendar entries
  • Schedule auto-updates at regular intervals
  • HTML calendars compatible with all web servers and browsers
  • Multilingual and international date/time support

What Customers Say

"With CCUweb, we can create and dynamically update multiple GroupWise web calendars with ease."
—Alex Korkishko, Systems Administrator for Weber School District

"CCUweb allows us to enter information once and then share it across multiple web calendars and media platforms."
—Janet Herdman, Executive Director of Information & Technology Services for North Kansas City Schools


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