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  1. How eControl Connects to Your Systems
  2. Control Users' Search and Task Authority
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How eControl Connects to Your Systems

Omni eControl connects directly to your mail and directory systems via native API and/or LDAP calls. This enables support staff to manage mixed and multiple Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory and GroupWise systems from a single web interface.

NOTE:  eControl currently supports Microsoft and Novell systems. Future support will be developed for IBM Lotus Domino/Notes and Open LDAP. Please contact us if you are interested in these integrations.

Control Users' Search and Task Authority

During the eControl installation and configuration process, administrators create user profiles with specific search and task authority. These profiles are then assigned to individuals or groups in your directory. All changes made in eControl are written to an audit log, signified by the magnifying glass and folder icon in the image below.

Figure 1.  In the education scenario above, the network administrator has delegated tasks to teachers, technology coordinators and district help desk operators. You can see that teachers are limited to a small number of users (e.g., students in their classroom). Technology coordinators are responsible for all student accounts in their school. District HDOs are tasked with a broader set of tasks at the district level.

eControl Modules

Provide simplified, role-based management of user accounts, email lists, groups and other directory objects to support staff. eControl Manage allows you to control users' search and task authority. NO special permissions required.
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Use eControl Create to empower HR and office staff to provision user accounts, email lists and groups based on pre-configured profiles. Simplfiy and standardise your provisioning processes and ensure compliance with naming standards and password requirements.
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Deliver user self-service functions for Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory and GroupWise. These functions include password changes, “forgot-my-password” challenge phrases, subscriptions to distribution lists and the ability to update demographic information.
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All changes made in eControl are written to an audit log for administrator oversight. eControl Audit Viewer and Reporting enhances compliance and security audits.
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