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Features and Benefits

Simplified Web Interface:  eControl delivers a much simpler alternative to Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne and iManager for delegated management, provisioning and self-service tasks.
Time Savings for Administrators:  eControl frees administrators to focus on strategic, higher-level tasks and empowers lower-paid staff to carry out more routine tasks.
Lower Hiring and Training Costs:  eControl saves on hiring and training costs. Non-IT staff can be trained in as little as 20 minutes – and they do not require any knowledge of directory or mail systems. This helps reduce help desk call volume and IT bottlenecks.
NO Special Permissions Required:  eControl provides granular control over users' search and task authority. NO special permissions and NO access to Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne or iManager are required.
Ideal for Mixed and Multiple Systems:  eControl simplifies the management of mixed and multiple Exchange, Active Directory, eDirectory and GroupWise systems that result from mergers and acquisitions.
Complement to IDM/AM Projects:  eControl serves as an ideal precursor and complement to any identity management implementation for delegated, role-based services. Compared to MIIS or Novell Identity Manager, the process to install and configure eControl is much simpler and quicker.
Accessible from Any Computer:  eControl is a secure, web-based application that can be accessed from any computer. eControl overcomes any directory and email management concerns related to WAN bandwith, distance and time zones. No client-side plugins or snap-ins are required on user workstations.
Full Control over Search and Task Authority:  eControl provides granular control over users' search and task authority. Administrators can select which containers can be managed and which sets of tasks can be applied by different users.
Quick Installation:  Most eControl installations are completed in less than three hours. Compared to larger, more expensive identity management projects, eControl delivers an immediate ROI.
Full Audit Trail:  All changes made in eControl get written to an audit log for administrator oversight and enhanced compliance.
User Self-Service Functions:  With the Self-service module, users can be allowed to maintain their personal contact information, subscribe/unsubscribe to email distribution lists, change their passwords, and more. "Forgot Password" Self Service provides immediate decrease in password change requests of the help desk
Expanded Management Features:  The latest version of eControl delivers expanded management features for user accounts, distribution lists, groups and other directory resources.
Extensible Architecture:  Faster, more robust architecture, that is built on the latest technology stacks – with AJAX and Web 2.0 user interface enhancements.
Web-based Administration Console:  Completely new web-based Administration section that is more intuitive and extensible for future enhancements.

Supported Systems

Omni eControl provides simplified management, provisioning and self-service for the following directory and mail systems:

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