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eControl Manage Module

eControl Manage is the most popular eControl module. eControl Manage delivers simplified, role-based management of Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Novell eDirectory and GroupWise accounts, groups and email distribution lists/groups from a single browser – with NO administrator or supervisor rights and NO access to Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne or iManager.

Figure 1:  Administrators have full control over users' search and task authority. In the education scenario above, the Help Desk Operator is able to manage users at the Domain level. The Technology Coodinator can only manage students at Waverly Middle School. Teachers can only manage students in their classes.

eControl Manage - Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange

eControl Manage provides a simplified, point-and-click interface for non-technical support staff to carry out delegated management tasks in Active Directory and Exchange. For example, a junior administrator can log in to eControl from any browser, search for a user, and right-click on the user's account to carry out the tasks listed below. Administrators have full control over the task and search authority assigned to support staff.
eControl Manage graphic
Microsoft logo
Enable and disable Active Directory account
Update users' Active Directory information
Restore deleted users
Manage users' Terminal Services profile (profile, remote control, sessions)
Add and remove users from Active Directory groups
Manage primary groups for Mac users and POSIX-compliant applications
Manage Exchange delivery options
Manage Exchange delivery restrictions
(maximum sending and receiving message sizes, accepted senders, rejected senders)
Manage Exchange features (enable Outlook Mobile access, Exchange ActiveSync, Outlook Web Access, POP3, IMAP4, hide from Exchange address lists)
Manage Exchange storage limits
Manage Exchange distribution lists
Move, delete and rename Active Directory objects
Release account lockout
Manage account restrictions (password expiry date)
Expire Active Directory password
Reset Active Directory password
Export Active Directory attributes and users to a CSV file
And more...

Novell eDirectory and GroupWise Management

eControl Manage delivers a simplified, "ZERO-Rights" alternative to Novell ConsoleOne and iManager for managing user accounts, distribution lists, groups and other directory objects. eControl's point-and-click web interface is ideal for non-technical support staff (e.g., help desk operators, junior administrators, HR clerks, line managers and teachers.). Within 20 minutes, users can be trained to use eControl to carry out the tasks below.
Novell logo
Enable and disable Novell eDirectory account
Edit login script and user profile
Manage users' eDirectory information and custom eDirectory fields
Manage users' UNIX profile
Manage users' eDirectory group membership
Add and remove users from eDirectory groups
Add and remove users from GroupWise distribution lists
Manage users' organizational roles
Manage preferred Internet addressing format
Manage users' GroupWise junk settings, block list and trust list
Enable Novell Messenger and configure options
Move users' GroupWise mailbox
Manage GroupWise options
(address book visibility, account expiry date, LDAP authentication, disable login)
Manage users' GroupWise proxy access
(read/write access, alarm subscriptions, etc.)
Manage users' GroupWise rules
Manage users' GroupWise signatures (text or HTML versions)
Manage print queues and GroupWise resources
Move, edit and delete eDirectory objects
Release intruder lockout
Manage login restrictions
(account expiration date, maximum number of simultaneous connections)
Set password restrictions (minimum length, force periodic changes, require a password, password expiry date, grace logins)
Reset eDirectory and/or GroupWise passwords
Manage ZENworks applications, workstations and user policy packages
Manage custom fields and passwords in third-party applications
(SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Lawson and others)
Export eDirectory attributes and users to a CSV file
Compatible with Novell Storage Manager
And more...

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