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Remote Installation Requirements

Omni provides its customers with 3 hours of free support to remotely install and configure eControl. This service is provided using LogMeIn. To prepare for your 15-day trial installation, please ensure that you have a Windows server in place that meets the eControl System Requirements.

General Configuration Requirements 

The eControl installation, configuration and training process requires approximately three hours. A "Super" user needs to be created who has Supervisor rights to the entire tree(s), to the Active Directory and Exchange system(s), to the eDirectory and GroupWise system(s) to be managed.

We recommend a user called eControl. The person responsible for administering your directory and mail systems must be present during the installation. This person will need to answer questions and configuration options regarding the various servers, LAN/WAN speeds and other network configuration options.

We will not need to know any passwords. Your local administrator will need to enter the appropriate passwords each time an option needs to be configured.

LogMeIn Remote Access Requirements

LogMeIn is the remote management software we use to do the installation.  Please go to the following link and install the LogMeIn remote management software on the eControl machine or on a workstation that will be used to RDP to the eControl machine:

At least two days before we do the eControl installation, we will schedule a remote session with you and confirm the system requirements are in place and we can properly remote connect to the eControl machine.

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