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eControl delivers web-based, "ZERO Rights", delegated user account management, account provisioning and user self-service in pure Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Novell eDirectory and GroupWise systems and in mixed environments.  Supported systems include all versions of Active Directory, eDirectory, GroupWise and Exchange 2010/2007/2003.   

Click here to login as a Department Manager or Local Help Desk Operator.

Read our Test Drive scenarios for more information:

eControl Test Drive Scenarios 

The online eControl LIVE network was set up for you to login and TEST DRIVE eControl as a local department manager, an HR staff member and a help desk operator. The Manage, Create and User Self-service modules have been configured to allow you to work through a number of different scenarios. While you complete the scenarios, keep in mind that you are carrying out these account management tasks in a web browser and that all restrictions are enforced through eControl's "ZERO-Rights" delegated process. The users have  NO permissions, system rights or trustee assignments in the target systems.

Acme Manufacturing Inc. (Acme)

Acme is the name of the sample company that is used for the eControl LIVE on-line test scenarios. Acme is a manufacturing company with employees located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; New York, New York, U.S.A., and Berlin, Germany. Each geographic location is configured with its own container. Each location has local servers. Acme has a centralized IT administration department that is responsible for network and system implementation, security and other high-level strategic IT functions.  Acme uses eControl to securely delegate all user, group and email list management and provisioning to each local department.  The default user naming convention is the first letter of the first name and the full last name.

User Login Names and Passwords

One department manager, one help desk user and one HR user have been assigned authority to manage and provision accounts, groups, resources, email distribution lists, etc. for each local department.  These accounts are restricted to only being able to carry out tasks in their OUs based on the eControl Search Authority, Task Authority and Create Authority assignments. This demonstrates the power, simplicity and granularity of eControl's delegated account management processes. Remember that eControl users have no administrative permissions or trustee assignments.  They are not able to use Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, ConsoleOne or iManager to manage accounts.

The acmehdo account represents a help desk operator who has authority to search, manage and create in all OUs and sub-OUs on all of the different systems in the entire company. 

We have created the following accounts to be used in the different scenarios.  Login as the user that corresponds to the network operating system(s) and email system(s) and tasks you want to test.  The names of the accounts that you can use to test eControl on our live system are: 

Network OS
Email System



Search or Create OU and Authority

Windows 2003
Exchange 2003



New York, restricted Manage tasks




New York, Enable/Disable and Create user accounts




New York, unrestricted Manage and Create




Edmonton, restricted Manage tasks




Edmonton, Intruder Lockout, Enable/Disable and Create user accounts




Edmonton, unrestricted Manage and Create

All OS and
Email Systems



Berlin in all systems, restricted Manage tasks




Berlin in all systems, Account Status, Enable/Disable, Intruder Lockout and Create user accounts




Berlin in all systems, unrestricted Manage and Create

All OS and
Email Systems



Create in all OUs and systems




Unrestricted Manage and Create in all OUs and systems

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